A Spell of Rowans has won a book award, a Gold medal from Literary Titan! This a mark of excellence for the book based upon plot, characters, quality, and uniqueness.

Literary Titan 5 star gold review for A Spell of Rowans

You can read the full 5 star, gold review at Literary Titan’s website. Here are some of my favorite excepts.

Author Byrd Nash’s writing elevates the intrigue of literally all other characters in the story. Each character is given a unique twist to make them memorable and some characters have surprising depth to them

Literary Titan, book review

Literary Titan, book review of A Spell of Rowans

Besides the magical realism that is always entertaining, and the beguiling mystery driving this story, this is also a deep and impassioned exploration of family and childhood trauma that feels authentic.

Literary Titan, book review

I was taken in by the thick atmosphere created in this story and how well it captured the small town vibe.

Literary Titan, book review

Where can you find A Spell of Rowans?

Currently, you can get a copy of the book at BookSirens and NetGalley. Advance reviews are being posted at NetGalley, Goodreads and Bookbub. The book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple.

Magic comes in threes.

Victoria, whose empathic talent reads hidden feelings. Phillipa, with a glamour that bewitches. Liam, who can touch an object to reveal its past.

All are in danger.

Their narcissistic mother, Rachel Rowan, sniffed out secrets and she used her antique shop, Rosemary Thyme, to torment the residents of Grimsby. 

But with her death and the murder of her assistant, Vic must discover the truth before the past destroys what remains of her family.

And that hometown boy she dumped way back? He’s in Grimsby and knows the truth about her.

With their magical talents twisted by a traumatic past, the Rowan siblings must face the deadly fallout of blackmail, murder, and magic in this emotional page-turner.

NOTE Trigger warnings for discussion of child abuse and trauma, with one assault scene, and some cursing.

A note about the sensitivity warning

A sensitivity warning merely alerts readers there may be some subjects they may find offensive or troublesome. As an example, Rowans does have characters who have experienced child abuse. For readers who have experienced violence in their lives, this could be upsetting. For most beta readers, it was not.

This book is NOT a horror or thriller, but a story about a family dealing with dysfunctional family relationships. The emphasis is on family and growth, not about gore and abuse.

Literary Titan author interview

Literary Titan also interviewed me and you can read the entire interview here

How does A Spell of Rowans stand out?

This book, more than my others, draws upon my personal experiences of being a child within a dysfunctional family and working in small towns as a journalist. I’ve also used my experience of being a parent to two ADHD children to feature a character with a learning disability.

Liam Rowan, brother to the MC Victoria ‘Vic’ Rowan, is on the spectrum. On the spectrum is an umbrella term for someone who could have a learning disorder such as Asperger’s Spectrum Disorder, and/or another pervasive learning disorders.

Drawing upon these real life experiences, this book has a distinct realism to the situations that many will feel deeply. It’s also a heart wringer of a book (though ends on a positive note), because of the emotional connection readers get with the characters and the situations they face.

It’s a book that touched my heart and I hope it does yours also.

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