Byrd Nash writes YA Fantasy and fantasy books for adults and teens 14 and up. Her fantasy and fairytale stories are available as ebooks and print books on a variety of different platforms, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play.

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What reviews are saying

Byrd Nash pulls your thoughts away from reality, immersing you into a fantasy world of wonder.

Nash has a knack for bringing a new twist to old stories…

The author’s style is flowing and lyrical. Like a stream bubbling through a lush meadow, it sweeps you along on the current and you are happy to go with it.

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The Wicked Wolves of Windsor fantasy book, fairy tale retellings with strong female characters.
Never Date a Siren, a YA fantasy book  by Byrd Nash. For those who love magical beings living among humans and the things that could go wrong. Boy, can I assure you things go wrong.
A Study in Spirits, a YA fantasy book by Byrd Nash.  Another adventure full of mystery, magic, and ghosts.
Knight of Cups, a YA fantasy short story by Byrd Nash.  Spooky atmosphere, good characters, and a creative variation on the Grail Legend.

Fantasy Books by Byrd Nash

The Wicked Wolves of Windsor

“Feminist fairytales, timeless stories.”

Meet a horse that tells only lies, wolves who speak of curses, and a magical raven who utters riddles.

From the landscapes of medieval castles, modern skyscrapers, and Regency ballrooms, this short story collection features strong female leads and women saving themselves. 

“A literary glass of bourbon after a long day.”

A powerful debut book by Byrd Nash.

College Fae YA fantasy book series

Never Date a Siren

Book #1 in the College Fae series.

Brigit, a fae runaway, didn’t plan on getting a human roommate her first year at college. Or that she would be placed under a fairy debt. Will the dryad be able to save Logan from a siren’s love spell or fail the semester?

College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.

An enchanting university fantasy world where both humans and those from the fairy land attend classes.

Beware though, the administration doesn’t guarantee your safety.

Suitable for 12+, a coming of age, contemporary YA fantasy with mythical creatures from legend and folklore.

A Study in Spirits

Book #2 in the College Fae series.

College Life: Accused of cheating, Brigit must clear her name.

To pay her Fairy Debt to a Doppleganger, Brigit is told to spy on her fellow college classmates. But no one tells Brigit what to do.

When truth is the only way to win, she and Logan will take on a vain Fae chancellor, a hard-headed librarian, talkative ghosts, and a shape-shifting creature from Outside. 

If the administration can’t protect the books, this dryad and her friends will.

Bane of Hounds

Book #3 in the College Fae series.

College Life: Mothers spell trouble.

When a Black Dog is dumped, Brigit and Logan rescue him without a thought. But the fae creature is more than he seems. Does he bring danger to those Brigit loves? Or is he their savior?

Queen Elixia, Brigit’s mother, attends a symposium held at the university, while Logan’s parents decides to visit her son. What is worse? The disappearance of Brigit’s home in the Perilous Realm, or the meeting of their mothers?

A storm sweeps through that could spell destruction of Brigit’s home in fairy.

Knight of Cups

A short short in the College Fae series.

Summer was fun until a ghostly knight puts a damper on things

Brigit, a fae dryad, and Jib, her talking cat, become trapped in a haunted French chateau. They quickly become embroiled in a creepy family mystery with ties to the medieval myths and legends of the Holy Grail. Between the bizarre dinner ritual and unearthly screaming from the cellar, can the two break the Dupois curse before it claims another victim?

Romantic Fairytale retelling series

The Byrd Nash Romantic Fairytale collection is a series of short stories and novellas, with romantic themes. These magical fairytales are a Comedy of Manners featuring a light (or sweet/clean) romance in a historical setting full of fairy magic. Each standalone tale is appropriate for ages 12+.