An enchanting YA fantasy book series set in a world where both humans and those from the fairy lands attend classes at the Leopold Otto University in mysterious Bewachterburg. Beware though, the administration do not guarantee your safety.

A YA FANTASY Coming-of-Age series described as: “fast paced and entertaining,” “new and fresh,” with “creative and clever world-building.” This coming of age, contemporary YA fantasy has mythical creatures from legend and folklore and is suitable for 12+ readers.


The world building here is top-notch – imaginative twists that keep this adventure feeling very fresh and new.”

The ancient world of the fae gets a modern University setting reminiscent of the clash of creatures in Harry Potter.”


What makes your Fae series stand out from all the rest?

I think first, the location. This isn’t England or some American city but takes place in a fictitious country that is south of Germany, called Bewachterberg. While it is similar to Bavaria, it has a unique flavor because the Fae hid the country for 99 years and a day.

I also think a key difference is these weren’t written to be a romance but an adventure first, of young people from different cultures coming together and becoming friends.

There isn’t a romance?

There is a slow-burn one between the main characters but overall I would want readers to pick up the series due to the many different types of fae creatures that are featured throughout the book. Such as puca’s (shapeshifting tricksters), dryads, naiads, a Doppelgänger, kelpies, sirens, giants, trolls, kobols, black dogs, and many more pulled from folklore.

I think I can promise you that no other book quite takes on this variety and brings them into the modern university setting like I do.

Tell us about some of the characters

Brigit, a dryad, is the heroine. I liked making her the opposite of what you might think a tree-hugger is – she is fiery, no-nonsense, and gets things done quickly when she sets her mind to it. Brigit does and says what all of us wish we could get away with. Readers love her take-no-prisoners attitude.

Fan favorite is her companion, Jib. The black cat is a puca (or pooka). It is a non-binary character who has a smart wit that readers love. I think this is because Jib remains at heart a CAT with a cat’s motivation even if it can talk. I’m always asked to write more Jib!

Brigit looks to be a black woman. Can you tell us about how that plays into the story?

As a white woman I don’t write about the black experience. I leave that to the writers who have lived it. However, I do want to give representation of minorities in my stories. Our world is filled with people from many backgrounds and places, and our books should represent that.

For example, in the short story Granny Starseed (Wicked Wolves of Windsor) there is a woman from Puerto Rico and the niece, Evelyn, has a white mother and black father. In Bane of Hounds, the paramedic assisting the Uncanny Doctor, is Asian.

What character do you like the best?

Paul, the Doppelgänger, who helps Brigit and Logan in the first book gets pulled into their shenanigans. His backstory and development was the biggest surprise to me as I had originally planned for him to be in book one only.

Do you have a favorite book in the series?

That keeps changing! Every time I write another one, I say the newest is my favorite. I definitely have favorite scenes in each book. From Never Date a Siren, it’s when Brigit gets shut up in the closet with the monster and how she handles that. In A Study in Spirits, there’s no doubt it is when Paul climbs out of the garbage dumpster and reveals his real self to Celia. And in Bane of Hounds, when the Uncanny Doctor shows up to treat Logan.

You have three books out, when will the fourth be ready for fans?

The fourth book, Storm of Songs, is my current work-in-progress. To get notified first of when it releases, join my Facebook group for fans or sign up to the newsletter.


Never Date a Siren #1

College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.

Brigit, a fae runaway, didn’t plan on getting a human roommate her first year at Leopold Otto University. Or that she would be placed under a fairy debt. Will the dryad be able to save Logan from a siren’s love spell? Or will she fail the semester?


A Study in Spirits #2

College Life: Accused of cheating, Brigit must clear her name.

To pay her Fairy Debt to a Doppleganger, Brigit is told to spy on her fellow college classmates. But no one tells Brigit what to do. She and Logan will take on a vain Fae chancellor, a hard-headed librarian, talkative ghosts, and a shape-shifting creature from Outside. 

Returning with Brigit and Logan, is a new student: a girl nerd and her dwarf flying squirrel, who happens to love revealing secrets. 

If the administration can’t protect the books, this dryad and her friends will.


Bane of Hounds #3

College Life: Mothers spell trouble.

When a Black Dog is dumped, Brigit and Logan rescue him without a thought. But the fae creature is more than he seems. Does he bring danger to those Brigit loves? Or is he their savior?

Queen Elixia, Brigit’s mother, attends a symposium held at the university, while Logan’s parents decides to visit her son. What is worse? The disappearance of Brigit’s home in the Perilous Realm, or the meeting of their mothers?

A storm sweeps through that could spell destruction of Brigit’s home in fairy.


Storm of Songs #4


Reality is being re-written as fae creatures disappear from campus. Existence is tied to memory and with someone changing the minds of students, the Perilous Realm could be forgotten forever.

The last year at Leopold Otto should be exciting, but does it really need the fate of the Perilous Realm resting on Brigit and Logan’s shoulders?

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