An enchanting fantasy world where both humans and those from the fairy lands attend classes at the Leopold Otto University in Geheimetür, Bewachterburg.

Suitable for 12+, a coming of age, contemporary YA fantasy with mythical creatures from legend and folklore.

The world building here is top-notch – imaginative twists that keep this adventure feeling very fresh and new.”

The ancient world of the fae gets a modern University setting reminiscent of the clash of creatures in Harry Potter.”

Never Date a Siren, book #1 in the College Fae series.

College Life: Friends, Finals, and the Fae trying to kill you.

Brigit, a fae runaway, didn’t plan on getting a human roommate her first year at college. Or that she would be placed under a fairy debt. Will the dryad be able to save Logan from a siren’s love spell or fail the semester

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A Study in Spirits, book #2 in the College Fae series.

College Life: Accused of cheating, Brigit must clear her name.

To pay her Fairy Debt, Brigit is told to spy on her fellow college classmates. But no one tells Brigit what to do.

If the administration can’t protect the books, this dryad and her friends will.

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