About Byrd Nash

Byrd Nash

After gaining her B.A. degree in journalism in the year of the oil bust and 21% unemployment, Byrd scrapped what some people called a living (she called it working starvation) employed as a reporter for a bunch of newspapers you never heard of in rinky-dink small towns.

Working the cop and school beat, she enjoyed the excitement of being underpaid by the sexist owners of newspapers while having her life threatened by a vagrant.

After wandering about: working as a museum director, horseback riding instructor, and kid’s party planner, she decided enough was enough.

Always writing, the many stories in her head are now given permission to fly free.

Phone number: 918-615-8661
Be aware phone goes to voicemail
when I’m writing or driving.

Email: mediacontact@byrdnash.com

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January 2020
Beta Readers sought for A Study in Spirits
A Study in Spirits, book #2 in the College Fae magic series available as a pre-order.

February 2020

March 2020
A Study in Spirits, book #2 in the College Fae magic series releases.
Wizard’s Way of the Ozarks, Fayetteville, Arkansas

April 2020