The advance reader copies (ARCS) of A Spell of Rowans are now up at NetGalley and BookSirens. I will also do ARCS to my newsletter followers starting on October 1st and if you would rather go through me, sign up here to be considered.

Why NetGalley?

NetGalley has a large group of reviewers and also receives notice from booksellers and librarians. I feel A Spell of Rowans, more than the other books I’ve written, has the potential to reach a lot of readers. I’m always widening my reach, hoping to connect with more readers who would enjoy the type of stories I write.

NetGalley also monitors who gets the free downloads and if they review. Something I don’t have to handle. It is also a platform that reaches libraries and bookstores.

Why BookSirens?

BookSirens curates the books they provide to potential reviewers and this appealed to me as (unfortunately) too many books being published today are not of the best quality. They also only promote books that are recently published or about to publish so you aren’t reading old material.

This platform also monitors who gets the book and if they review (relieving my workload of all the things I need to do to get a book launch done).

How else can I get a free ebook of Rowans?

I do give ARCS to those on my newsletter list. You can sign up by taking the quiz and getting another free book (and a newsletter about the ARCS comes out in September) or you can sign up directly here and be put on the consider list. Be aware that all ARC readers are automatically signed up to my newsletter list if you aren’t already.

Because I have had issues in the past with ARC readers, there is a screening process which any decent human being will pass.

Where can I post my pre-launch review?

Before the book launches, you can post reviews at NetGalley, Goodreads and Bookbub. When the book is live, you can post your review at Amazon.

When does the book launch?

A Spell of Rowans releases October 26. The pre-release time lets me get everything in place and working well before the book gets to you. I will do a 31 days of Halloween special promotion with fans starting October 1st.

What is A Spell of Rowans about?

This is a contemporary story about three siblings with magical powers. With their magical talents twisted by a traumatic past, the Rowan siblings must face the deadly fallout of blackmail, murder, and magic in this emotional page-turner.

There is a bit of romantic suspense (with an ex-boyfriend turned FBI agent) and mystery. This is not a horror story although there is a sensitivity rating because of the discussion of child abuse.

You can read more about the book (as well as the first chapter right here).

What is a sensitivity warning?

A sensitivity warning merely alerts readers there may be some subjects they may find offensive or troublesome. For example, Rowans does have characters who have experienced child abuse. For readers who have experienced violence in their lives, this could be upsetting. For most beta readers, it was not.

This book is NOT a horror or thriller, but a story about a family dealing with dysfunctional family relationships. The emphasis is on family and growth, not about gore and abuse.

You like to write about minority characters. Are there any in this book?

Liam Rowan is seen as being ‘on the spectrum; by those who didn’t know about his talent for psychometry – where you touch an object and know its history. On the spectrum is an umbrella term for someone who could have a learning disorder such as Asperger’s Spectrum Disorder, and/or another pervasive learning disorders. This has nothing to do with intelligence, but about how information is processed in the brain.

As the parent of two ADHD children (now adults), I’ve been involved from day one with navigating school and health care systems. I enjoyed writing about Liam and loved reader feedback about how much they also loved this character.

I do have a side character, Betz Zachary who is black. She who works for an auction house that deals with valuable antiques. I really like putting these characters in books because its important in changing people’s perspectives and in helping the conversation we need to have about race. It’s just tragic we don’t have more characters that are people of color, POC, in our fantasy fiction.

What’s special about A Spell of Rowans that might interest me?

To me this book is a standout due to the emotional connection with the characters and the situations they face. There are some real heart-wringers in there and it rings as authentic because it comes from my experiences. It’s a book that touched my heart and I hope it does yours also.

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