Imagine settling down to read a sweet and satisfying story, a little fairytale Bon-Bon for your reading pleasure, that combines the society manners from Jane Austen, the romantic dialogue of Georgette Heyer, and the magical fantasy elements of Patricia Wrede.

The Byrd Nash Romantic Fairytale collection is a series of short stories and novellas with romantic themes. These magical fairytales are a Comedy of Manners featuring a light (or sweet/clean) romance in a historical setting full of fairy magic. Each standalone tale is appropriate for ages 12+.

These stories are part of my TIP JAR books. Your purchase of these novellas supports my writing, while I work on my longer books.

  • Romantic Fairytale Collection
  • Grimm-Dark Fairytale Collection (coming in fall 2021)

These delightful fairytale romances are coming to your favorite online retailer

Dance of Hearts – a Cinderella Regency Romance retelling

In Regency England, 1816, it is not fashionable to display fairy blood.

Melinda Wychwood managed to stay at her family home after her father’s death by working as her cousin’s unpaid housekeeper. But when a childhood friend returns, playing a game of deception, will she be satisfied acting as the dowdy chaperone? Or will her wild fairy heritage and a magical dress finally win her true happiness?

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Price of a Rose – a Beauty and the Beast retelling

Victorian England, 1890

The Beast is about to be tamed by three determined ladies.

When their father loses a card game to the local recluse, his three daughters step in to determine their own fate. The oldest, Lily, rolls up her sleeves to take the strange household in hand even if the house keeps moving the rooms. The youngest, Poppy, devours his books on magic while playing secretary.

But it’s Rose, the middle daughter, who works magic in his forgotten garden. She could be the key to unraveling his curse, if he can recognize what’s real behind fairy magic.

A novella featuring a delightful, sweet romance. Perfect for fans of historical romances who also like a fairytale fantasy with humor. Some mild cursing (Damnation, Hell etc…)

Content Warning: While these books are for a wide range of readers, not all of my books are appropriate for younger readers. For example, Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales is for older readers. Be sure to check the rating before selecting.