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Ghost Mystery Tabletop Game is under development. It will be a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Fantasy Name Generator – need a name for your character for your role playing game, cosplay character, screenplay, or book? Use one of my random name generators.

Free Wallpapers for both the computer and phone that are fantasy related: witches, Halloween, fairytale, related.

Before meeting up with the fae, it’s best to know what their powers are. Check out the stat sheets for ghosts, wraiths, banshees, sirens, kelpies, and more. A great source for developing your role playing character these state sheets were developed for the worldbuilding of the College Fae series by Byrd Nash.

Learn more about the characters in the College Fae universe with these art deck cards. Introduce yourself to Brigit, Logan, Jib, and Devlin. A great resource for building characters for your own creative project.

Ask the Fairy Godmother your burning etiquette question on how to deal with the fae kind. You can also submit your question for a possible response if she isn’t busy turning pumpkins into coaches.

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