Knight of Cups is a spooky ghost story that uses legends from the Holy Grail in a modern day setting using the characters of Brigit and Jib.

Knight of Cups uses Brigit (the dryad) and Jib (the cat púca) from Never Date a Siren and takes place the summer after the events in the first book. It is a standalone short story that I wanted to give to readers so they could experience the characters and the world before diving into the College Fae series.

A ghostly medieval knight and a creepy curse spoil the summer for Brigit and Jib.

Between the bizarre dinner ritual and unearthly screaming from the cellar, can the two break the Dupois curse before it claims another victim?

The two become trapped in a haunted French chateau and are quickly embroiled in a creepy family mystery with ties to the medieval myths and legends of the Holy Grail.

YA Fantasy short story, Knight of Cups, is a modern take on the Holy Grail legend and is part of the College Fae world.

“I also had an interesting time,” the True Beast said, ignoring the materialization of the knight. “This family is under a curse.”

“Duh,” said Brigit, warily eyeing the ghost who was floating about a foot off the ground. “This guy probably knows something about it.”

Taking Brigit at her word, the knight began to speak, “For three days, I shall warn those at the Château du Puis. On the third night, one of you will die.”

The púca commented, “Sounds like we will be leaving tomorrow.”

It’s a standalone short story, in the College Fae series, so is a great quick read.

Will this story have spoilers for Never Date a Siren?

It does have a few very mild spoilers but I don’t feel that it would ruin the readership of Never Date a Siren. I do think those who have read Never Date will get more pleasure from the story just because they will recognize some things mentioned as an aside.

What is the setup for Knight of Cups?

It’s the end of a long summer of traveling on the road for Brigit and Jib. And by this time the two are a bit tired of each others company and are ready to be “back home” in their own beds.

From doing roadtrips myself, you get snappy by the end of it, and after all the excitement, you just want to be back to the ordinary.

Why does this story take place in France?

We may think King Arthur legend is tied to Britain but there are legends and tales that put him in France. I wanted to explore a country that others might not associate with the legend of the Holy Grail.

The country in the College Fae series, Bewachterberg, is located in an area of Europe that was often claimed by the country that would later be named Germany and France. For those interested, you might want to read more about the Thirty Years War.

This French influence can be seen in the character of the Chancellor at Leopold Otto University.

Isn’t a chateau a castle?

Not exactly. A chateau is more of a noble house and estate where people would reside and entertain. A castle is designed specifically for defense.

An article I found really helpful was this one which discusses a variety of French chateau’s (they are often called castles but when you view the videos, which are breathtaking, they clearly are designed for residences over defense).

Not to give away the plot but Brigit gets herself into some trouble by being headstrong. How does that play into the series?

In Never Date a Siren, Brigit is very proactive and quick to take action. She also has an arrogant tendency to think that she has all the answers. In Knight of Cups, she learns that sometimes leaping before you look isn’t the right thing to do.

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