Using social media to market your book can drive you crazy as you search for the Magical Solution to gain followers, likes, and comments. Some thoughts about this in my next two videos.

blog posts review marketing software and services, and gives an insider view of my experiences of becoming a self-published author.

Some tips:

  • It’s a time suck. How much time do you want to spend on Social Media? Determine how much and stick to it.
  • Realize that more time doesn’t mean more results. Quality time is better. Examining, researching, and determining what is working after you review your stats will help.
  • Don’t let the ups and downs make you crazy, putting you into a tailspin of seeking more and more for validation. This is a fatal trap. Determine how much time and stick to it!
  • Staying focused on selling will actually diminish reduce sales and your followers. Focus on CONNECTING.
  • Do the best that you can and stop chasing that gold under the rainbow. Some things will succeed, some won’t. Just realize you did your best. Learn from your mistakes and move on.
  • Look after your self! Take social media breaks. Don’t get hooked on checking it every day all day long.
  • Don’t attach your ego to your social presence. The likes or not getting them isn’t tied to if you are good or not.

How can you be successful with Instagram (or other social media) and still be authentic?

Some tips:

  • If social media is taking up your time, how will you have the time to make your product (i.e. book!)? Be realistic about how much time you can devote to the marketing side of your business, especially if you are a one-person company.
  • Make the time you spend on social media more valuable. Stop just posting any old thing at any old time. Look at your stats, look where people comment and why? Focus on what is winning, and if it is not working, change it. Don’t keep doing the same old, same old and think you are going to see progress.
  • Play to your strengths. What are you best at? Photography? Talking? Writing? Researching? Doodling? How can you use that on your social media that would interest people?
  • Stop thinking about selling and think about CONNECTING. People want to feel like they know you. That you both have some sort of common ground/interests. They buy from people who have made a relationship with them before they sell to them.
  • You don’t have to reveal your innermost thoughts and experiences. But realize people do want to know something about you that connects with their feelings and emotions.
  • Realize it is a process. It is a learning curve that has to be adjusted as the world changes. It has nothing to do with your value as a human being.

My social media is constantly evolving and I plan some big changes with it in 2020 via Instagram, Facebook, and Goodreads. Stay tuned!

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