Dance of Hearts, a Cinderella fairytale retelling is now available! It is one of four fairytale novellas in my Historical Romantic Fairtyale Retellings collection that are publishing over the next six months.

The fairytale stories in this collection will include: 

  • Dance of Hearts (a Cinderella retelling, published August 2020); 
  • Fairy CurseMother (a Fairy Godmother tale, publishing in October 2020); 
  • Price of a Rose (a Beauty and the Beast retelling, publishing in December 2020);
  • Little Mouse (a Thumbelina retelling, publishing in February 2021).

This short story was originally written in early spring and I planned on publishing it in a collection, but that didn’t work out. I re-worked it when Bane of Hounds was with beta readers. I added in more scenes and flushed out some of the characters so in the long run I think it was better to sit on the story and develop it into something more well-rounded.

I decided to publish it this month before Bane of Hounds launches mostly because 1.) it was ready to go and why wait? and 2.) it helps the Amazon algorithm to keep publishing books in a certain time frame.

Why a romantic fairytale?

While I do use a lot of fairytale themes in my work, those who’ve read Wicked Wolves of Windsor know that I can go dark in a heartbeat. When I published Wicked Wolves it was my goal to show readers the variety of stories I would be writing – light and dark, funny and serious. This unsettled some readers, so in the future my collections will have clear themes so readers know what to expect.

What can I expect from this Cinderella novella?

The Historical Romantic Fairtyale Retellings collection are all sweet and clean fairytales.

This story is designed to be comfort food. Something you can nestle down and read knowing that there will be a Happily-Ever-After and love conquers all at the end. For me, during these unsettled times, I find myself returning to the books that give me an emotional resonance that leaves me happy and contented.

The story follows the tropes found in the Cinderella fairytale and is lighter in tone (deliberately) than the Wicked Wolves stories.

Being labeled a “clean and sweet romance” means that it will have a kiss and fade to black. It will not have language or nudity. Readers 12+ should feel comfortable with the stories.

I read and enjoy a lot of different genres – fantasy, mystery, historical, and romance (usually in a historical setting). I also like to write in a lot of these different genres.

Some authors come up with separate pen names when they write something that is different than their usual fare but I won’t be doing that for several reasons.

1.) It’s a hassle to juggle and makes more work for me on social media since different accounts would need to be put in place.

2.) As a new author, my readers don’t know what to expect quite yet so I’m laying the groundwork that I will be writing a variety of stories that won’t appeal to everyone. Read the description, see if it is for you!

3.) My first goal as a self-published author is to enjoy what I’ve written. If I don’t enjoy it, I can’t expect you to enjoy.

So another faux-Disney 16-year-old-wearing-a-ballgown fairytale?

Haha. No. It’s doubtful that any of the female protagonists will be 16 or 17 years old, who discover they are a princess with mysterious powers who gets involved in a soppy romance or better yet a love triangle with not one, but two, stupid boys.


For those that have read my fairytale stories, you are probably already on the floor rolling around in a fit of howling laughter. Pick yourself up now, please.

What about the history angle?

I do love history especially certain periods of time. One of those is the Regency period of 1811 to 1820 in which Dance of Hearts takes place.

Another period I love is my Sherlock Holmes era – which included the Victorian and Edwardian periods – 1880 to 1914. It was a time of great change in the world where women were starting to have more roles outside of the home. The next novella, Fairy CurseMother, is placed in this era.

Writing historical fiction means the stories may have language you aren’t familiar with so I provide some historical notes in the appendix for those interested. A timeline (if needed) can also be found in the appendix.

I will attempt to be as accurate as possible with the historical references, however, do remember it is a fairytale fantasy romance and may take some liberties.

And the magic?

Readers may have already noticed from the College Fae series (Never Date a Siren, A Study in Spirits), that I like putting magic into my stories as if they are everyday occurrences. When you read fairytales in their original format this is also the same style. No one is surprised when a Fairy Godmother shows up – no one gasps when a magical dress or glass slippers appear.

Magic is expected to be a part of everyday life.

Certainly there is magic, and lots of it, but for the most part my heroines and heroes don’t run around waving magic wands and quoting in Latin.

Sometimes the magic is so subtle you may miss it until you re-read. For example, the horse that Melinda Wychwood (Dance of Hearts) sees on the horizon or when she wishes something would happen and it does.

How does this impact Bane of Hounds being published?

Bane of Hounds is still on track for releasing in mid-September. After it comes out I will be taking a break from the College Fae series until January 2021 when I will start plotting the final book in that four book series.

I’ll be going through the three previous books and working out what I want to include in the last one. This will also include some fun interactive meetings with fans to see what they want to read! Look for it in 2021.

The goal is for the series to finish at the end of next summer. Over the next two years, I may do some novella spin-off stories of using the characters of Emma Walker, Paul the Doppelganger, and Jib the cat. If that happens, depends on if I’m inspired! LOL.

And never fear, dear reader, in 2021, I will be developing a different collection of four Grimm-dark fairytale retellings that will be more like the short story The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and A Society of Heartless Women (from Wicked Wolves).

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