Yesterday, I posted about how to make a bookmark for marketing your books, and today I’ll go into the details about how to make a DIY bookmark display stand. This display stand matches the book display stand that I gave details about earlier.

bookmark display stand
designed to work with the bookstand
display for your bookmarks
designed to be aligned side by side

Here are the details on how to make the bookmark display rack I’ve been showing you on my Instagram account. I’ve designed this to hold my bookmarks, which are 2.5 inches by 8.5 inches. If your bookmarks are smaller, you could trim down the size.

displays 2 bookmarks.
each stand has 2 separate display slots


Wood needed:

1 segments of 2×4 board, 6 in. long:
[A] beveled along one side.

4 rectangular pieces of paneling:
(note by using paneling the end display will be lighter than if you used thicker wood).
[B] 6 in. x 10 in.
[C] 6 in. x 5 in.
[D] 2 side pieces of paneling, with one angled side. Each should be 9 ¼ in. tall, width at the bottom should be 4 ⅞ in. and width at the top should be 2 ¾ in.

1 piece of decorative molding, at least 4 ½ in. wide:
[E] 6 ½ in. long
My molding was only 4 in wide, so I added a narrow strip of wood to make it wide enough.

1 narrow strip of wood (1 ¼ x ¼ in.):
[F] 6 ¾ in long, beveled 20 degrees at one end.
This is the divider in the middle. I cut mine from a scrap of hardwood.

1 rectangle of plexiglass or clear plastic pane:
[G] 6 in x 8 in.

Also needed:
1 in. buglehead (drywall) screws, at least 8
small finishing nails, at least 2
Wood putty
Wood glue
Sanding paper (fine to superfine)
Spray paint (or whatever paint/finish you desire).

bookmark display stand


The instructions may look daunting at first, but it is pretty simple! Letters are given on the parts, so you know which piece goes where.

making the bookmark display stand
For [A], set your blade angle at 20 degrees and cut along one long side.
making the bookmark display stand
With the blade upright, set the blade height at 1 7/8 in. Shave out on one side repeatedly, until you have a notch with a depth of a bit more than 1/8 in.
making the bookmark display stand
[A] will end up looking like this.
gluing the parts together for the bookmark display stand
Glue and clamp together [A] and [B] , with the bevel at the bottom.
use clamps to glue the bookmark display stand together
Allow to dry. Then Put two screws into the back of [B] to secure the connection to [A].
side view of the display stand.
Glue [C] to the bottom.
bottom view of the display stand
Screw in from the bottom.
Make sure the screw heads are sunken slightly below the wood surface.
side view of display stand
Position the unit between the side panels [D].
attaching the sides to the bookmark display stand
Glue and clamp well.
Allow to dry, then use screws to secure [D] to [A]. Make sure the screw heads are sunken slightly below the wood surface.
almost there!
Mark the center at 3 in., and glue in the divider strip [F] with the bevel at the top.
the angle keeps the bookmarks in place.
The beveled top should visually align with the sides.
attaching the front molding to the display stand
Position the molding [E] on the bottom of the front.
Glue well along the sides and bottom, and secure with finishing nails.
This should leave a narrow slot along the front,
just behind the molding, for the Plexiglass to fit into.
Clamp well and allow to dry.
unpainted bookmark display stand
The result should look like this.
fixing the nail holes on the stand
Use wood putty to fill the screw and nail holes, and smooth any gap around the molding.
Allow to dry and sand to a smooth finish.
notch allows plexiglass to slot into the bookmark display stand.
The finished piece looks like this. You can just see the slot behind the molding.
cutting the plexiglass using a saw
To cut the Plexiglass to size, tape on both sides along the cut line with painters tape or masking tape. Rest the plastic on a piece of cardboard to protect it from scratches as you cut it on your table saw.
cutting the plexiglass using a saw
After cutting it to width, double check the height by sliding it into the stand before making the final cut.
Lightly sand the edges (but NOT the surface!) of the plastic, and clean and polish it.
finished stand, unpainted
Here is the completed piece before painting.
Note that there is some space between the plexiglass and the divider. After painting, attach a very small felt or rubber pad to the divider, to protect the plastic from scratching against it.

This bookmark holder is designed for my author table at signings, booths, and conventions. If this one seems too complicated, you can find more ideas on bookmark display holders at my Pinterest account!

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