Summer break is almost over and Brigit, the fae dryad, and Jib, the cat puca, are heading through France when the two fae stumble into a haunted chateau where they seem to be expected. Between the bizarre dinner ritual, the unearthly screaming in the cellar, and a ghostly knight can the two break the Dupois family curse before it claims another victim?

YA Fantasy short story, Knight of Cups, is a modern take on the Holy Grail legend and is part of the College Fae world.

Summer was fun until a ghostly knight puts a damper on things.

While these characters are from Never Date a Siren, the story is designed as a standalone and can be read without knowledge of Never Date a Siren.

Never Date a Siren is #1 in the College Fae series. You can sign up to my newsletter via this link to get the book free. Or find it free at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple books.

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