Thank you Beta Readers!

How I’m showing appreciation for my beta readers

I’m lucky enough that I have some long-time followers on Instagram who stepped forward and volunteered to be my beta readers for the Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other fairytales collection.

I worked with some beta readers for Dragon Shadows (see my Rebecca Dante website for that info) and while I really appreciated them, I’m not sure I knew how best to employ them. I’m still learning as I go.

Some of the mistakes I made:

  • Don’t overwhelm them! Dragon Shadows was 80,000 words – that’s a lot!
  • Give them your work in stages. If they don’t respond back, remove them from your beta reading list.
  • Have rewards in place for them. They are working hard for nothing!
  • Make sure you know what you want from them. The more you are clear on what your goals are, the better it will all work out for you both.
  • Be open-minded to their ideas. They are your potential readers and while you are the author who is creating the story, if readers can’t understand your vision, you won’t have an audience.

Because this time around I’m working with a short story collection, not a novel, I had a better idea of how I was going to proceed forward. Some of those details I posted about before

How I’m showing my appreciation to my beta readers:

1.) You always wanted to be in a book right? Well, you will be as credit in my book forward for helping me. You deserve that shout out!

2.) Wicked Wolves will have several formats: ebook, paperback and audio book. Beta readers will receive a copy of all three (right now this is coming out to be about a $40 value).

3.) Beta Readers are from my old Cinnabarys IG account and since I’m still clearing out my Cinnabary’s shop inventory I’ll be sending some of those items as gifts to you.

4.) Also, the Promo-Swag Box will be yours! This is the promotional box I will be sending out to reviewers, and right now it’s going to include: a coffee cup, physical book signed by me, fun buttons and stickers, and magnets of the book cover art. I’m still considering a tote bag but haven’t found a product that I like that meets my standards (no cheap tote bags!).

And of course the acclaim of the people forever!

Seriously though y’all are helping me with your gentle suggestions (thank you for being gentle with me – I’m an author – very fragile) and feedback.

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