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At Byrd Nash you will find my fantasy and science fiction writings featuring themes such as strong women, character driven stories, and exploring the world of the fantastic.

The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales is scheduled for an e-book launch on  May 1st (2019) via Amazon. This short story anthology features 7 fairytales with strong women characters. Those who enjoy fantasy and the deeper meanings behind fairytales, I think will really enjoy these stories.

Each story is running about 4,500-6,000 words and in all the collection will probably end up being 35,000 words so it is a good solid read.

I’m currently seeking beta readers for this collection. How would this work?

1.) First, you will be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This simply means you respect my copyright and will not share in any form the stories with anyone else (i.e. electronically publish it, send it to another person via email, etc…).

2.) Those who are interested will receive next Friday, March 15, the first short story: The Wicked Wolves of Windsor in a pdf via email. After reading it, I would like any feedback via email on what you liked or didn’t like about the story. Characters you liked, scenes you liked, something you wanted explained better etc.. are all good points to help me make the story stronger.

This can be as in-depth or short as you like. The important thing is for some feedback!

3.) After you read the first short story, post something about it on your favorite social media platform (no spoilers please!) with a share back from my Instagram account or my Facebook account. To make it easier for you, just simply Re-gram one of my own posts about that short story (that will keep a lot of relevant hashtags so people can find me).

4.) For those that carried through, you’ll receive a second short story on March 29: The Prince Learns a Lesson, again in a pdf format sent via email. Again, just send me your thoughts and feedback. Again, post on social media about it.

5.) The last story (you will receive 3 of the 7 before the e-book is published on Amazon) will be: The Queen’s Favorite. Just repeat the steps above.

6.) When the e-book launches on May 1st you will receive your GIFT copy from me. The complete anthology The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales includes 7 stories so 4 stories will be completely new to you! By receiving a gift copy, if you decide to give me an honest review, it will show you as a verified buyer.

7.) I’m also considering doing a GIFT BOX to my Beta Readers that would include a tote bag, coffee cup and some other fun items as a thank you. This will use some of the artwork from the cover I’m commissioning and some quotes from the stories so may not be shipped out until another 30 days (about in June/July) to allow printing.

Being a beta reader is a responsibility so please think it over before responding. It does take time out of your day and requires you to send me a few emails regarding the stories.  The emails do not have to be lengthy – I just want your impressions.

Being an indie author, your sharing on social media and reviews is critical for my success. If you choose to leave a review on Amazon, just be sure to read the published version 😉 and not rely upon the betas.

The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other tales is not a romantic story collection and does not have any explicit sex scenes, however, there are some adult themes, such as sexual assault, so it is not for the Disney crowd. It has feminist themes and is LGBTQ friendly.

If you are interested in being a beta reader for The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other tales, please just comment below (your comment form will ask for an email – I will know it but it will not show on the website).

Thank you so much! Readers are Writers best friends!

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