Your book is ready to go! But do you know how to market it? How do you get the word out? What are your plans for promoting your book? Are you biting your nails about getting reviews? Easily promote and market your book by knowing the steps! The marketing tools outline in this video tutorial helps authors simplify the process of publicizing your book.

NOTE: Even if you traditionally published, publishing houses are asking authors to do more of their own marketing by being active with a website, blog, and social media. Writers who seek a traditional publishing route will also be asked what they are doing on social media. Be ready with your marketing plan and have your website and social media accounts set up and functioning.

Topics covered by the video Promoting! Next Step Marketing Tools includes:

  • Why a website with a newsletter is the foundation of building your book publishing empire.
  • How to use a newsletter to promote your books. How often to send it, and how to find ideas.
  • How Reader Magnets work to entice readers to check out your book.
  • Social Media platforms – which ones work best for authors?
  • Why have an Author platform on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub?
  • Book reviews: the two types and how one can be paid.
  • Where to find reviewers for your book and how to ask for a book review.
  • Paid book ads and what to do before you jump into the deep end of advertising your book.
  • Preparing for in-person events where you will sell or promote your books.

Next Step Tools to Market Your Book: Links and Resources.

Your website should have (please double-check every page!)

  • Newsletter Signup. MailerLite (free under 1,000).
  • Your subscribers get an immediate item of “value.” See Reader Magnets.
  • Links to ALL places where ALL your books can be bought. 
    • Use universal book links for Amazon. These directs the visitor to the correct Amazon website for their country.
    • (free service makes these links).
  • Your Bio, headshot, and a way to contact you (keep it simple!)
  • Links to ALL of your social media: Amazon author profile, Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter etc.
    • If you are on it, list it! 
    • List on ALL pages of your website.
  • Blog – the goal is 1x a week at least; 2-3x is better.
  • Calendar of Events: here you will be.
  • Your website format is MOBILE friendly!

Newsletter Swaps

Reader Magnets

Developing your website, social media platform

  • Rule of thumb: 80 percent content; and 20 percent selling.
  • Follow on social media authors in your genre who are doing well. Their readers would be your readers!
  • Subscribe to their newsletters.
  • Be nice and friendly. Network and make friends.

Social Media

  • Pick one platform and work it for 6 months. 
  • Don’t advertise with them until you research and do test ads
  • Facebook
    • Follow authors
    • Follow writing and book-related groups that would be helpful.
    • Find groups that appeal to your readers, share their content on your FB page.
    • Feed your blog posts to your FB page.
    • Book Reviewers here can be brutal. Research first before asking.
  • Twitter
    • Short, pithy quotes with links
    • Great place to network with other authors
    • Might be a place to find book clubs
  • Instagram
    • Supportive network for Indie authors
    • Bookagrammers showcase books
  • YouTube
    • Requires that you enjoy filming yourself.
    • Book Reviewers here can be brutal. Research first before asking.


  • Friends and family cannot review you on Amazon.
  • The best source is networking through your Social Media
  • Reach out and ask someone every day but make sure you
    1. Use their correct name
    2. Know what their review policy is
    3. They like, read, and review your genre
    4. If they say no, you thank them nicely and move on
    5. Keep track of who you have asked.

Editorial Reviews sources (these are not endorsements! Do your research!)

Book tours services (this not an endorsement! Do your research!)

Author Platforms

  • Amazon – go here to claim yours
    • Unfortunately, you must claim your Author page on every other country where you sell, and some countries (I believe Australia) don’t have one. It’s confusing! 
    • allows a blog feed and limited videos
    • has a space for a bio
    • has a follow option, which notifies readers of new books when published
    • has reviews from users
  • Goodreads
    • claim once you’ve published a book
    • allows a website link
    • allows your blog feed
    • has a space for a bio
    • has a follow option
    • has reviews from users
  • Bookbub
    • allows a short bio
    • has a follow option, which notifies readers of new books when published
    • has reviews from users
  • Good platforms for reviewers who refuse to do Amazon
    • Goodreads
    • Bookbub
    • Barnes and Noble
    • Kobo
    • Apple books

Paid Advertising


  • Headshot: professional photo of you from chest/shoulders up that has a non-fussy background so the media can use it.
  • Newsletter: email newsletter which the author manages. Collects emails through their website.
  • Newsletter Swap: You share an author’s book with link in your newsletter; the other author shares your book and link in their newsletter. Actual email accounts are not shared.
  • Reader Magnet: an appealing offer that attracts a reader, usually some free offer.
  • Permafree: your ebook is permanently free on Amazon and other platforms. To accomplish this,  you must list the ebook free on other websites and then ask Amazon to “price match.”
  • KU: Kindle Unlimited on Amazon. Available for ebooks.
  • Street Team: group of people who are your loyal readers (fans) who are willing to help you become successful.

This is the second of several informational videos that I do for FREE – to help my fellow authors. The previous video was Steps to Success: Self-Publishing your Book: Want to self-publish but are confused by all the information out there? Don’t know where to start? This 43-minute slideshow with voice-over takes you through the A-B-C’s of publishing that first book. Or, if you have already published, it goes over the legal and marketing steps that I consider the most essential.

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