A stone that rules them all, and other book reviews

One of my favorite reads in 2019! What an amazing debut book! This is an in-depth high fantasy world (that has some SF crossover) that I just wanted to read all night long

Knight of Cups, a spooky ghost story on Amazon

the two fae stumble are invited to a haunted chateau where a mysterious dinner party seems to be expecting Brigit. Between the bizarre dinner ritual, unearthly screaming, and a ghostly knight can the two break the Dupois family curse?

Fantasy series with Asian flavor

I'm a bit of a K-drama addict and I do love some Chinese epic movies (I adore Red Cliff). So I dipped into this double header this week: The Hidden Princess and Hidden Promises by Georgian Makalani.

Flower fairies and zombies, book reviews

I wasn't sure what to expect from the title and the cover, but gosh, I LOVED this snarky fairytale! It really is a gem. This is a nice blend of contemporary ideas that will appeal to readers but with that solid fairytale foundation that makes it relateable.