How is this series different than your other books?

These are far more romantic than my other fantasy books, and deliberately so. I wanted to do these standalone novellas as ebooks as a way to blow off mental steam between my bigger books. I also wanted them to pay homage to all the Regency and Gothic romances I read way back in the day. Besides, it’s always fun to immerse yourself into another historical time period.

Each story takes place in our world, but at a different time in history.

Yes, I’m a big history lover, and some of my favorite books are in the genre of historical fiction. My father was a devout Civil War history buff. Not only myself but my three brothers all developed a love of history (only different time periods). I personally have interests in the Medieval, Italian Renaissance, the Elizabethan period, as well as the Regency and Victorian periods.

You’ve played with classic fairytales before, what makes this set unique?

Each fairytale is inspired by a classic (Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Thumbelina, etc.), but I think where my stories vary greatly from other authors currently writing in this genre is my quest for historical accuracy (when it can be done – as magic operates outside of that). The fairytale inspires, but it is re-imagined within a certain period in history.

I also aim for my writing style to replicate as much as possible, the feel of the stories written by authors of the time, such as Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.. It really is important to me to get the feel and flavor of life at that time correct.

What challenged you as a writer when developing this collection?

It can be difficult to write a period piece where the heroines can be admired by today’s readers. Especially if you strive for historical accuracy. We are used to the idea of an independent woman who does what she thinks best, who is not constrained by archaic laws, or the lack of available employment due to her gender.

Balancing the needs of a modern reader, but also making an enjoyable heroine, can be a balancing act. I feel I’ve achieved that in these stories.

Books by Byrd Nash

College Fae Magic Series, Young Adult
Never Date a Siren #1 College Fae
Knight of Cups, A Magic Fae Adventure (short story) #1
A Study in Spirits #2 College Fae
Bane of Hounds #3 College Fae

Fairytale Fantasy:
The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales
Dance of Hearts (Cinderella retelling)
Price of a Rose (Beauty and the Beast retelling)