Autographed print editions and ebooks of Never Date a Siren, A Study in Spirit, and Bane of Hounds

A YA fantasy series where fae creatures of myth and lore, attend a European university alongside human students.

Reviewers describe as:
“fast paced and entertaining,”
“new and fresh,”
with “creative and clever world-building,”
and “lovable characters.”

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Autographed Print editions of
Never Date a Siren #1,
A Study in Spirit #2, and
Bane of Hounds #3

“for those who love magical beings living among humans and the things that could go wrong. Boy, can I assure you things go wrong.” ★★★★★

#1 – Never Date a Siren
When Brigit ran away from the Perilous Realm to attend college, the dryad wasn’t looking for a human roommate. Or being locked down under a Fairy Debt. American student Logan Dannon didn’t realize falling in love with a siren meant a messy break-up and a death sentence.

#2 – A Study in Spirits
Accused of vandalism and stealing test answers, Brigit must find the guilty party to stay at Leopold Otto University. Worse, her Fairy Debt to a Doppelgänger, means she must discover the secret of what’s prowling the abbey library. The monster is destroying the books she dearly loves and Brigit is determined to stop it.

#3 – A Bane of Hounds
When Brigit and Logan taken in an orphaned Black Dog, it gives dangerous warnings, and all know that a magical fae hound’s prophecies come true. Worse? Jib, the talking cat, is in a huff about sharing space with a dog, while Brigit and Logans’ mothers arrive at Leopold Otto at the same time.

Remember, though, the administration does not guarantee your safety.


All print (paperback) books are 5 x 8 inches in English
Never Date a Siren, 270 pages
A Study in Spirits, 326 pages
A Bane of Hounds, 384 pages

  • Recommended 16+ age
  • Publisher ‏: ‎ Rook and Castle Press
  • Language ‏: ‎ English
  • Shipping available for US only.

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