Use this Name Generator to find real Norse dwarf names for your next story or gaming character, or other creative projects.

These are actual dwarf names (and their meanings) drawn from the Prose and Poetic Eddas, written in the 13th century and containing the fullest and most detailed source for modern knowledge of Norse mythology.

Tolkien fans may recognize some of these. The dwarf names listed in the Eddas helped to inspire the band of dwarves in The Hobbit!

These are suggestions to inspire you. If using a name, always doublecheck it’s spelling and usage in its native language if wanting to use it in the “real” world. If you are naming a fantasy character, try playing with the options provided with different pronunciations or spellings to make something uniquely yours.

Have fun!

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Norse dwarf names

Bári - The Bearing, Ready, Eager
Dúfr - Crooked, Deep, Nodder
Fjalar - Paneller
Nípingr - Dark, Handsome, Curving, Pinch
Nóri - Little shaver
Nýr - New
Ótr - Otter
Patti - Little shaver, little boy