Based upon the world of Polite Society found in the sweet historical fairytale series by Byrd Nash

How to address a Queen of Fairy vs a Queen of England

As one knows, the queen of England is addressed as Your Majesty first, and thereafter as Ma’am. Similarly the king is addressed first as Your Majesty, then as Sir; and close relatives of the ruler are addressed as Your Royal Highness.

With a Fairy Queen, the mode is similar, except that one should always add a superlative, appropriate to the situation or person: Your Radiant Majesty, Your Most Wise Majesty, Your Perpetual Majesty, or the like. If supplicating or entreating the royal person for some favor, consider Your Most Generous Majesty or Your Most Benevolent Majesty. Such small touches can put them in the best frame of mind.

After the initial address, rather than Ma’am, the form My Lady is preferred. Fairy Queens enjoy being reminded of their perpetual youth.

Oddly, to our sensibilities, Fairy Kings are generally considered subordinate to their Queens. They are addressed first as Your Highness and then as My Lord, again with a carefully chosen superlative: Your Most Excellent Highness, Your Most Valiant Highness.

Remember that, according to all reports, it seems to be impossible to flatter a Fairy Queen too much. They are also known for taking offense very quickly, and resent familiarity; it it best to be overly polite at all times.

Prevent your daughter or son becoming engaged to a Fairy by following these steps

What to do if your family has a (HORRID!) fairy relative imperiling your chance at being admitted to Polite Society and coming to the attention of an eligible Duke

Perils and Pitfalls of asking a Fairy Godmother to attend the Christening

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