I’ve put together some free phone wallpaper for those who love fantasy themes. Remember these are for your personal use, and are not for resale. If sharing, please refer and give credit to this page.

For these designs, the image will be centered because I usually put my own icons on the left and right on my phone display. This allows for the pretty to still be seen (unless you are my husband and have like 20 icons on your main phone page).

Directions to set computer wallpaper

Open this page to view on your computer, right-click on a image with your mouse and select “Save link as” to download it the hi-res version. After that, for Windows, right-click on a blank part of your desktop and select “Personalize” to set your desktop wallpaper. On a Mac, open System Preferences and select “Desktop & Screen saver” to configure your wallpaper.

Directions to cellphone download

If on a phone: go to the image you want and tap it to open the full image. Then on an Android you press and hold on the image. When the menu pops up choose the “download image” option. On your phone there should be a wallpaper option (I access mine by pressing and holding on my current wallpaper which allows me options).

Mysterious Lady cellphone and computer wallpaper

Classic Fairytale cellphone and computer wallpaper

Price of a Rose cellphone wallpaper

College Fae cellphone wallpaper

Romantic Fairytale cellphone wallpaper

Spooky and Witchy cellphone