A fantasy world of magic with the sparkling drama of Asian epic stories

I'm a bit of a K-drama addict and I do love some Chinese epic movies (I adore Red Cliff). So I dipped into this double header this week: The Hidden Princess and Hidden Promises by Georgian Makalani.

Flower fairies, a woman who refuses to be enslaved, and trite Zombie fiction

I wasn't sure what to expect from the title and the cover, but gosh, I LOVED this snarky fairytale! It really is a gem. This is a nice blend of contemporary ideas that will appeal to readers but with that solid fairytale foundation that makes it relateable.

Winter is here, dead knights, Gothic horror returns, and the ravages of drug addiction compose this week’s reads

I'm way behind on my reviews but I did get a lot of reading done. Let me hit some highlights here - and reviews should be posting in about 5 days.

Main Street Witches, the series book review

This is a group review for four of the installments of the Main Street Witches books by Ari Gonzalez. Come for the friendship; be satisfied with a warm and satisfying romance; and keep reading for the dark and dangerous curses and magic. Byrd Nash Review★★★★ Here Comes the Witch This is fun, lighthearted romp of [...]