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I love groups wanting to read and discuss my books! I offer several options and if you don’t see one that fits your needs feel free to contact me with your suggestions.

If you are a BOOK CLUB, I offer several options:

1.) REDUCED PRICE of my print books. US residents only. Discount not applied to shipping, which is priced separately.

Bought in quantities of 5, they are reduced 10%; in quantities of 10, they are reduced by 15%; and if in quantities of 15+, print books are reduced by 20%. All print copies will be signed, include bookmarks, and a free electronic version of the book for each participant available for download.

2.) THE QUEEN’S FAVORITE. This package features the short story The Queen’s Favorite (from The Wicked Wolves of Windsor) in a special edition chapbook (one for each member), an audio version of The Queen’s Favorite, educational support materials such as discussion questions, and a one hour Skype call with the author.

From reviews mentioning The Queen’s Favorite:

The Queen’s Favorite’ was another fantastic read. The sentence structures, vivid description, and general narration had me engrossed. This is perhaps the most exciting story to read for anyone who fancies empowering stories that are set in medieval times.

” – my favorite being The Queen’s Favorite. What’s not to love about a talking horse and a clever woman stepping into her power?”

“I loved The Queens Favorite because by the end of it you felt a sense of empowerment and determination.”

” – The Queen’s Favorite reads like a wonderful legend that has been handed down through the generations.

“My favorite story was The Queen’s Favoritethe lying horse was a brilliant character!”

” – the story of a queen that runs from her abusive king husband to live a simple life true to herself.”

US and International. Shipping priced separately.

3.) TEEN GROUPS or CLASSROOMS If you are a teen group, teacher, or classroom, I provide free ebook copies to all members of your verified group, classroom, or organization. Print books are available on a discounted basis to the US and ebooks for International.

4.) VISUAL IMPAIRMENT (individuals or groups). If you have a condition making it hard or impossible to read an ebook or print book, contact me regarding a FREE AUDIO book of Wicked Wolves. US and International.

Are you a Book Club? Byrd Nash has a special package just for your group!

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