Book #3 in the College Fae YA fantasy book series

College Life: Mothers spell trouble.

When a Black Dog is dumped, Brigit and Logan rescue him without a thought. But the fae creature is more than he seems. Does he bring danger to those Brigit loves? Or is he their savior?

Queen Elixia, Brigit’s mother, attends a symposium held at the university, while Logan’s parents decides to visit her son. What is worse? The disappearance of Brigit’s home in the Perilous Realm, or the meeting of their mothers?

A storm sweeps through that could spell destruction of Brigit’s home in fairy.

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The adventure and fun continue in this four book YA fantasy series:
#1 Never Date a Siren
#2 A Study in Spirits
#3 Bane of Hounds (available now as a pre-release)
#4 Graduate with Honors (coming soon)

A YA FANTASY Coming-of-Age series described as: “fast paced and entertaining,” “new and fresh,” with “creative and clever world-building.” This coming of age, contemporary YA fantasy has mythical creatures from legend and folklore and is suitable for 12+ readers.