A Study in Spirits, book #2 in the College Fae series.

College Life: Accused of cheating, Brigit must clear her name.

To pay her Fairy Debt to a Doppleganger, Brigit is told to spy on her fellow college classmates. But no one tells Brigit what to do.

When truth is the only way to win, she and Logan will take on a vain Fae chancellor, a hard-headed librarian, talkative ghosts, and a shape-shifting creature from Outside. 

If the administration can’t protect the books, this dryad and her friends will.

A YA FANTASY Coming-of-Age series described as: “fast paced and entertaining,” “new and fresh,” with “creative and clever world-building.”

Returning with Brigit and Logan, is a new student: a girl nerd and her dwarf flying squirrel, who happens to love revealing secrets.

“for those who love magical beings living among humans and the things that could go wrong. Boy, can I assure you things go wrong.”

The adventure continues in this exciting YA fantasy series:
#1 Never Date a Siren
#2 A Study in Spirits
#3 Bane of Hounds (July 2020)
#4 Graduate with Honors (September 2020)

Safety not guaranteed by the university.


Read a sample from A Study in Spirits, book #2 in the College Fae series.

Ladislas was turning it over in his hands, stroking the smooth wood.

“A longbow made of wych yew. Some see it as inferior to traditional yew, but wych yew makes a flatter, wider bow. Makes a better balance when you draw.”

Continuing in an instructive voice, he nocked an arrow. It had an obsidian arrow-point and black fletchings.

“These arrows are exceptional. A unique blend of three Elements: Wind, Wood, and Stone.”

With an easy, smooth draw, Brigit’s father brought his hand to his pointed ear and aimed the arrow’s tip at Logan. “The enchantment makes each arrow always strike true.”

“What about Guest Right?” Logan reminded him. Angry, he stood up, moving so the tip was a hands-breath from his heart.

“As humans say, better to ask for forgiveness. Your family can come to me for redress.”

The knuckles of the king’s fingers tightened.