Medium Elinor Chalamet solves mysteries and heals hearts in this series that blends ghosts, mediumship, psychology, and science. This new six-part novella series is part Sherlock Holmes, part Gail Carriger, with a dose of Amelia Peabody from the Elizabeth Peters series thrown in.

Sherlock Holmes and the Art of Deduction

My longstanding love for Sherlock Holmes was a big inspiration for Elinor’s character. Long before Cumberbatch took on the role,  my dad gifted me a two-volume set when I was about eight years old for Christmas. I loved every story about the detective who used his intellect to solve crimes.

Of course, we all want to see a woman involved in the Sherlock Holmes mythos and writing about women attaching themselves to Holmes is very popular. However, I can’t bring myself to do that as it is against canon and I find the idea that he had a secret wife or daughter rather ridiculous. Sorry! So I’ve gone with creating a new creation that has some of Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning powers.

Sherlock Holmes inspired these gaslamp ghost mysteries!

Ghosts and Victorian Spiritualism

I’ve long wanted to write a series exploring ghosts and mediumship. Not only are the idea of ghosts a fascinating subject, but it was a popular rage that seized the imagination with Tarot Cards, automatic writing, possessions during seances, and fortune telling from the mid-1850’s to the early 1900s.

With the great advancements in science, came the idea that what happened to our spirit/soul after death could also be examined using logical principles. While a medical man himself, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, blew hot and cold on the subject, at times investigating phenomena with groups he founded and endorsing some mediums. Although he and Harry Houdini were friends, at one point they fell out over their vastly different opinions about the topic. Harry Houdini, who had started out being interested in the subject, eventually turned against it – debunking many frauds over the years before his death.

Mesmerism (later evolved into Hypnosis), telepathy, and messages from the beyond were so intriguing that special societies were formed by those interested. Their goal was to investigate the phenomena and to validate the results.

The Morpheus Society communicates with Ghosts

With all this rich material to draw upon, the Ghost Talker series features mediums trained to communicate with those who have gone Beyond.

Trained as a medium by the elite Morpheus Society, Elinor Chalamet uses her skills to aid the police while she hunts for her father’s killer in the coastal city of Alenbonné. Each story will feature a primary investigation, one or two side ghost stories that concentrate on the human aspect of dealing with a loved one’s death, and the myth-arc that will be touched upon in each novella and be the main focus of the last two books (Untimely Death #5 and Ghastly Mistake#6).

Planned as a six-part gaslamp fantasy ghost mystery series featuring a strong female character in a slow burn romance. These novellas are friendly to 16+ readers.

An Independent Woman of Means

One of the things I’m excited to explore with this series is the journey of an independent successful woman operating in a society where women are still second-class. As a single woman, Elinor is able to be in charge of her destiny as long as she behaves within accepted traditional customs between men and women. A good woman doesn’t meet with a man alone; doesn’t send him letters unless engaged; and certainly doesn’t entertain the idea of an intimate relationship without the benefit of a ring.

When Elinor falls in love, how can she keep her autonomy and her reputation? Navigating this crevasse between having the man she adores and being the spirited person she craves is a challenge that becomes more intense with each passing book.

Madame Elinor Chalamet, Ghost Mysteries series

  • Ghost Talker: Meet Elinor Chalamet, a medium who talks with the dead to solve crimes. But when a corpse puts her deep in with royal matters, she may have to deal first with Tristan Fontaine, duke de Archambeau, before she can find the killer.
  • Delicious Death: Elinor attends the Winter Revels, where her favorite chef will compete for a royal prize. But could the only prize be death? Archambeau thinks he has all the answers, until Elinor shows him otherwise. Worse? She has to deal with his mother and sister.
  • Spirit Guide: A new case of a disappearing noblewoman puts Elinor in danger of being banished to the Beyond forever. But a kiss or two might be shared before utter disaster.
  • Gray Lady: The appearance of a Woman in White means a new bride will die on the wedding night. Archambeau’s sister hates to ask her enemy for help but she could use Elinor’s powers to stop her friend from dying. Besides, Archambeau will be at the house party.
  • Untimely Death: Someone has learned how to re-animate the dead. The problem is how to kill them (again)? Trapped, Elinor and Archambeau might have to discuss their feelings before they save the country.
  • Ghastly Mistake: Betrayed, Elinor must try to save the king, while not worrying about the danger the infuriating man she loves faces.

This exciting six-part novella series will first be issued in ebooks. Later, books will be grouped in sets of two to form a print book (for example, Ghost Talker will combine with Delicious Death for print book one). I will also be considering an audio version if the series becomes popular enough.

At this time, the first three books are up on pre-order, with the first releasing October, 25, 2022. This collection is being published in rapid-release which means every 3-4 months a new novella will publish. For a full list of the books, samples, and buy links visit here.

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