This week I’ve started plotting the last book in the College Fae series, Storm of Songs. It’s exciting to get a chance to bring the story of my college students, Brigit, the fae dryad, and Logan, the human bard, full circle!

I first announced this on my private Facebook group, Byrd’s Magical Worlds. That is where I announce new stuff first, so be sure to join.

Storm of Songs is the last full-length novel I plan for the College Fae series. I may write short stories in this universe but first let’s get the series finished first before I can commit.

Here’s a recap of the series and how this new book fits into it!

Never Date a Siren was the freshman year at Leopold Otto University in mysterious Bewachterberg. Bewachterberg translates in German to “Hidden/Guarded Mountain.” It is a a country located south of Germany, similar in history and tradition to Bavaria. However, due to the Treaty of Sigismund, the country kept its sovereignty through World War I and II.

I’d love to write a series of short stories all about the Treaty of Sigismund, where in 1890, after being told by a Cassandra (a seer) about his country’s future, the King of Bewachterberg signs a treaty with the fae to hide the country for 99 years and a day (1890 to 1989).

Brigit Cullen, a fae dryad, and Logan Dannon, a human bard become friends when Brigit decides to help Logan shake off the curse of a Siren. We meet Jib, the non-binary, black cat púca who quickly became a fan favorite, and are introduced to the code of the Fae, such as their Laws of Civility.

BTW this book is free across all bookselling platforms (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple).

In A Study in Spirits, a creature prowling the library makes Brigit and Logan into a working team. We learn more about Paul, the Doppelgänger, and are introduced to two new characters: Emma, a computer programming hacker, and Obake, a Japanese Tsukumogami who likes secrets.

One that can cross between Fae culture and Human perspective. They come to the notice of Chancellor François Auguste Bandemer, who decides to make them solve problems he’d much rather not deal with. While the Chancellor of LOTTOS deals with the fae, human, Rector Maximilian Schubert manages the everyday running of the university.

Our friends are in their Junior year at Leopold Otto in Bane of Hounds. The hint of attraction (in Study) between Brigit and Logan has become stronger. But a clash between their mothers shows how hard it will be for a human and fae to be in a relationship. The arc of how Brigit can save her beloved Grove in the Perilous Realm completes, but the danger is far from over.

Storm of Songs puts not only Brigit and Logan in danger, but the entire country of Bewachterberg. Fae are disappearing from the campus, and memories aren’t trustworthy as an enemy enacts a plan to destroy the Perilous Realm. Destiny has come calling.

The outline for Storm of Songs (#4 in the College Fae series) is now complete and I’ve begun writing the rough draft. Now, I can now tell you a bit more about what will be happening (but no real spoilers, just hints):

  • Logan’s backstory about how he was initiated as a bard by the Morrigan on the mountain, Snowden (in Wales) is explained.
  • Brigit squares off with Queen Titania (think Lady Catherine de Bourgh of Pride and Prejudice or Lady Augusta Bracknell of The Importance of Being Earnest). Nobody tells Brigit what do to do! Even if she is a High Queen of the Perilous Realm!
  • Jib decides to lead an investigation which ends it (and Obake, the Tsukumogami, and Devlin the black dog) in trouble with the Law.
  • We discover how Bandemer and Paul’s met 300 years ago.
  • Paul (Doppelgänger) and Anna Burkhalter (my librarian) will go out on a date! Will Anna have to use a stiletto again?
  • Logan, Granite, and Torfa go to Oktoberfest in Munich. Boys on the town, with Logan trying to be the responsible one (think The Out of Towners).
  • Jib finally gets to carry Obake in its mouth – a long held dream!
  • We learn who Bandemer’s queen is.
  • The Banshee issues a DIRE warning when she isn’t working the stock market.
  • Even the ghosts help save the world.
  • Coco Mat gets a shout-out!

I’ve got a lot of promotions and specials in mind once the book nears the end of the editing cycle (starting this fall, 2021). Such as hoodies and sweatshirts featuring the Leopold Otto college logo, print book giveaways, Amazon gift cards, grab bags, contests to name a character, and even more swag goodies.

I will also be building a new area of the website that gives you games and puzzles about the books. As well as more details about your favorite characters and the world.

The book cover will be revealed in July, and the first of the contests begin as the book goes up for pre-sale. Announcements on these will be given in the newsletter (take the quiz to join) and the private Facebook group.

I can’t wait to share with you!

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