I was asked by a reader about the latest on my College Fae series. The series will have four books in it, three are published and the fourth is in the works. None of the books in the series end on a cliffhanger although they are interlocked in terms of characters and the arc which is completed in the last book.

I’ve started working on the fourth book. There are a lot of characters and plot lines to juggle that have built up that need to be resolved so at this time I’m going through and writing up notes and plot lines. I don’t want there to be any loose ends!

Here’s some teasers about book 4, some may be spoilers if you haven’t caught up with the series.

Note: these graphics are only one of the many possibilities of how I imagine my characters looking.


Brigit Cullen, Dryad princess, of Queen Elixia’s Court

Brigit, our black Dryad came into some exceptional powers in Bane of Hounds. For the first time, a fae (other then a Queen) has merged with an Elder. An Elder is the powerful Genius loci from Other that are the central core to forming a Fairy Court. In Bane, it was also the first time an Elder has traveled to the Human Lands.

Brigit’s bonding with the Court Elder will have huge repercussions for herself and her people. Her destiny may no longer be under her control.

Logan Dannon, a Human Bard and student at LOTTO

Trying to get his degree finished is the least of Logan’s concerns as someone in his world continues their plan to destroy and subjugate the world of Fairy, putting Brigit and her fellow beings in danger.

In Bane, Logan was challenged by Kados Géza, the Leopold Otto maestro. While Logan gained a glimpse of the greater power that a bard holds, in book #4, he learns that Truth defines Reality, and a Bard shapes Truth with Words.

Jib, a puca of the Perilous Realm

Jib, emissary of Queen Elixia and guardian of Brigit (Brigit says, “jailer”), thought visiting the Human Lands would be a fun lark. Instead of the royal prestige that it deserved, it was saddled with a slobbery hound!

Jib might favor the match of Brigit and Logan, but its paws are full of other matters. Such as getting Devlin evicted from the apartment and becoming the savior of the Perilous Realm. If the first goal can be accomplished, Jib might get around to the second.

Devlin, a Black Dog from the Perilous Realm

Devlin, the Black Dog, was saved by Brigit and Logan in Bane of Hounds. But who left him in the garbage can? What can it mean that Em’s companion, Obake, believes it was Logan himself who abandoned the puppy? And what other uncomfortable Banes might he deliver to his foster family?

François Auguste Bandemer, Chancellor of LOTTO

In Bane of Hounds, the true Being of François Auguste Bandemer was revealed to readers. His appointment to Chancellor of Leopold Otto University is rooted in historical events but it all could come back to haunt him. Has Bandemer been played or is he moving across the board as a secret king?

Paul, a Doppelgänger from the Perilous Realm

Paul the Doppelgänger, a former knight Crusader and later monk, is now Bandemer’s right hand. His powers let him assume the appearance of anyone and bend time. In A Study in Spirits, his encounter with a monster from Outside left his Mindbending talents damaged. In Bane of Hounds he bent time to save a fae Queen, but now his enemy knows his limitations. Each time Paul distorts time he loses years of his lifespan.

Worse, his blind date with librarian Anna Burkhalter will go all terribly wrong in Book 4.

Anna Burkhalter, Head Librarian at LOTTO

Anna Burkhalter, former Swiss commando and now Head Librarian at Leopold Otto, has discovered her job remains essentially the same. She’s still fighting, but now it’s with talkative ghosts, monsters from Outside the world, and students who think they can hack into the library for a prank (A Study in Spirits). Even dating has its perils and calls upon her old training if she wants to survive working at Leopold Otto.

Em Walker, human student at LOTTO

After winning a Gaming Competition with her mad skills, Emma (Em) Walker was offered a scholarship to Leopold Otto University in Bewachterberg. Still, there are bills to pay for a starving student and a hack into the library (A Study in Spirits) was supposed to gain a bit of cash. Instead, it landed her into a battle with fae and ghosts. Now she works with Paul to pay off her debt. Hanging out in Catacombs under the ancient Abbey Library of Leopold Otto is one of the cool job perks.

Obake, Tsukumogami of the Human Lands

Obake, a Tsukumogami spirit, is invested into an ancient Japanese key. When its former owners sneaked this troublesome spirit into a package to Emma Walker, the creature latched on to her.

This Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel prefers to shape change into communication and information devices such as a flash drive, bluetooth ear device, and even a cell phone. A speaker of secrets, it doesn’t know the right time to talk or be quiet. It’s harder then it looks to learn human ways.

Granite Hillside, an Eotan student

Granite Hillside considers Brigit, not only his bondmate, but also as a younger sister. He was the first fae to welcome her to Leopold Otto and when he goofed up in A Study in Spirits, was quick to fix it. In book 4, he has graduated, and is employed as a coach for the wrestling team. But his real job is being the muscle for Brigit and Logan’s fight to save the Perilous Realm.

Prince Torfa, a fae of the Perilous Realm

Prince Torfa met Brigit in A Study in Spirits, but in Bane of Hounds the party boy was on a more serious mission. Representing Queen Summerblossom and her Court, he demanded to know why courts in the Perilous Realm were being attacked and by whom.

Kados Géza, the human maestro at LOTTO

His tragic past comes full circle for Kados Géza, the Hungarian maestro. Escaping Nazi occupied Hungary, he entered Bewachterberg while it was still being hidden by the fae. He is a man who knows too much and who has concealed even more.

His backstory is actually linked to a future short story that I have in mind for Doireann from The Wicked Wolves of Windsor short story. In this unwritten back story, Doireann became a nurse during WW2 and she meets Géza as a child in the middle of the war.

Queen Elixia and King Ladislas

Queen Elixia and King Ladislas have their Court saved in Bane of Hounds due to Brigit and Logan. But that doesn’t mean they agree to their daughter dating a mere human. Elixia breaks up the roommates and makes Brigit stay at the Royal Kiburg hotel or they will refuse to let their daughter continue at LOTTOS.

However, rumors like a wildfire have spread through the Perilous Realm of Brigit’s unique union with the Court Elder (Bane of Hounds). Both Elixia and Ladislas have to fight fae who want to make their daughter a savior or a monster.

The Morrigan, Celtic goddess

The Morrigan, Logan’s grandmother, is the Celtic Goddess of War and Land Sovereignty. Logan and his relationship with his grandmother is detailed in the story Granny Starseed in The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other fairytales.

From the beginning, she maneuvered Logan to attend Leopold Otto University. Now with all the pieces on the chessboard, who shall win?

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