This last week I was notified that Dance of Hearts, my fairytale retelling of Cinderella won a reader award. That was a nice surprise!

Here’s the Literary Titan review:

From Literary Titan Review

“Six years ago, Melinda was orphaned. Since that day, her life with her relatives hasn’t been the easiest. She is more of an employee to them than she is a beloved member of their family. Of fairy heritage herself, Melinda is quite the enigma to her less-than-caring relatives. When she is presented the opportunity to reunite with the single remaining person from her childhood, only one thing stands in her way–but it’s the biggest barrier she could ever dream to have to fight. To be remembered is divine, but to be forgotten is breaking her lonely heart.

Dance of Hearts: A Cinderella Retelling, by Byrd Nash, is a completely new and wonderful retelling of the classic fairy tale. Of all the variations offered over the years, this one stands out for its time period, the plot twist given its male characters, and the intense emotion exhibited by main character, Melinda. The added charm of the fairy world makes Nash’s tale one to remember.

One of the most striking aspects of Nash’s rendition of Cinderella is the strength given Melinda. She is fierce in almost every way possible. Though her status is perceived to be lowly and her position is not respected by her family and most around her, Melinda speaks her mind, stands up for herself and others, and does not shy away from questioning anything she finds suspicious.

I am giving Dance of Hearts: A Cinderella Retelling, by Byrd Nashan enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars. This beautifully penned version of a Cinderella story is a quick read, offers readers a totally new take on the age-old story, and will appeal to readers across genres. The unique ending/epilogue truly set this story apart from all other fairy tale remakes.”

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I started writing this fairytale series in 2020 and wanted to produce “comfort read” romances that were not heavy with sex and more like the sweet stories I remembered reading back in the day. Unlike some of the tales in The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales, these all have a Happily Ever After ending.

NOTE: Not all of my books will be so innocent and happy. Be sure to read the description and content warning to know if it will suit you.

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