Price of a Rose, my Beauty and Beast fairytale retelling is now available! It released today at Amazon and Kobo, and will soon be available at Barnes and Noble, and Apple books. When Rose’s father loses a bet with the local beast lord, she and her two sisters invade his home, Thorne Hall, to repay the debt. A favorite fairytale, this version is a sweet and clean romance and is a standalone in my Historical Fantasy Fairytale Retellings series.

The oldest, Lily, tries to clean rooms that keep disappearing, and the youngest, searches for books of magic in the library. But it is Rose who is bringing his garden back to life, and attracts the attention of Sir Griffin.

How is your Beauty and Beast retelling unique?

There are some wonderful retellings and reimagining’s of this favorite fairytale, but I wanted to explore it in a way that empowered Rose (my Beauty character). Instead of being victim, saddled with an evil family, she is supported by her sisters in her quest to remove the curse that makes Sir Griffin a beast.

This tale is more lighthearted and fun. As a sweet and clean romance, it is suitable for teens and adults, with a fade-to-black kiss and only mild cursing (I think there are two “damn’s” in the entire story.

What interests you personally about the B&B fairytale?

I’ve always wondered why the Beast was cursed. We only know it was due to something he did. Usually an affront to an old woman who turns out to be a fairy or witch. But the details are usually brushed under the carpet. Here I explore the reason as well as the person who did it.

How does Price of a Rose explore the late Victorian (1890) period?

Unlike the Regency (featured in Dance of Hearts which is more about the marriage market and manners), the Victorian period is experiencing great changes in technology (the Industrial Age), and the role of women. By setting the story within this time period it allows Rose and her sisters to take positions at Thorne Hall. While this might have been unusual, it was unknown at the time for women were beginning to enter the workforce.

Is this story only for history lovers?

The historical setting does NOT require a great knowledge of history or a love of historical fiction to enjoy. It only adds flavor, not confusion, to the story. 

What magic is in this historical retelling?

The fairy curse placed upon the Beast not only changes him but also the house ,Thorne Hall, and its grounds. Anyone that comes into contact where the fairy has worked her magic becomes affected. Fairy is also just a step away, as all three sisters discover to their peril.

What type of romance is this?
This is part of my Historical Romantic Fairytale Retellings. All are clean and sweet, which means that the romance fades to black after a kiss. Price of a Rose does have a few mild curse words. Readers 12+ will feel comfortable reading these stories.

What size is this novella?
Price of a Rose is around 30,000 words (a novel is around 60,000). As a comparison, Dance of Hearts was about 20,000 words and Never Date a Siren was around 60,000.

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