On this shortest day of the year what will you be doing for Winter Solstice? Most will be doing their normal work life. Others got up at the rising of the sun to watch the dawn.

Today, my family of four thought will be making a family meal together. We have two college kids (one home after testing and quarantining for 14 days, the other stayed here and attended college online) so the winter holiday celebrations are starting to change. Neither myself or my husband are Christians. One son is an atheist and the other is Jewish.

So finding something we can all do and enjoy this winter season is starting to be challenging.

What to do? Make homemade ravioli for the first time! Since my kids are at that age of being new adults, helping in the kitchen when they think parents should do everything is a new idea. One I probably should have taught them long ago.

We are trying this pasta recipe and this filling. This was all decided at the last minute so we rushed over and got curbside delivery from Williams Sonoma of these ravioli pasta cutters.

Whatever you celebrate, may you enjoy the comfort that 2020 is nearing an end.

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