As the year ends, I always review what worked and what didn’t for myself and my business. Certainly this year has been unusual. My plans like many have been all rearranged. However, there are certain things that I’ve decided about my writing due to what I can track.

First, if you missed it – all my Byrd Nash books are currently on sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Apple. This is my gift to my readers because, let’s face it, 2020 certainly has been a dumpster fire.

Publishing Books in 2020

Despite the pandemic, I published two books this year!

A Study in Spirits (#2 in the College Fae series) came out March 1st, right before the crazy hit. It was a fun book to write and has some of my favorite scenes.

Bane of Hounds (#3 in the College Fae) was released in September, and is the biggest book yet of the series. It was a complex book and really drained me so I figured I’d take some time off from writing my longer stories.

Meanwhile, I worked over Dance of Hearts (a Cinderella retelling novella) and published that in August.

I also started on another fairytale retelling, Price of a Rose (a Beauty and Beast retelling), up for pre-order now. I’m opening it to Beta Readers now. If interested in reading the novella before it publishes go here and apply.

The Byrd Nash Romantic Fairytale collection is a series of short stories and novellas with romantic themes. These magical fairytales are a Comedy of Manners featuring a light (or sweet/clean) romance in a historical setting full of fairy magic. Each standalone tale is appropriate for ages 12+.

When I thought I had nothing left in me for 2020, an entirely new story sprung into my head! You might have seen my mention A Spell of Rowans on my social media? This Magical Realism, contemporary story will please fans of Alice Hoffman and Nora Roberts.

Beta Readers are devouring it!

Summary: With her mother”s death, Vic Rowan thinks it might be safe to return home again. Old sins though cast long shadows. Past pains are still influencing Vic, her older sister, and younger brother. Between the town that wants vengeance upon the Rowan family for what her mother has done, and old beaus who won’t go away, Vic will use her empath abilities to catch a killer.⁣

I think will be one of my strongest stories yet. It surely is the most personal. It is currently in beta reading and I should have a publishing date soon.

This contemporary story will be for adult readers only as it does discuss the trauma of child abuse.

Social Media

I took two months off from Instagram. It was relaxing. I will be reducing my time there and spending it to reconnect with the lovely followers/friends I’ve made.

Where I am the busiest as Byrd Nash on social media is with my private fan group at Facebook. It’s where I first publish insider news about myself and books, as well as the first place I announce books, beta reading opportunities, book offers, and more. So fans will want to join that for sure!

Reviewing Books

I have been reading and over the next few weeks I’ll be posting reviews here of some of my favorite books that I discovered in 2020. I’ve been reading both traditional and indie published books and I have some lovely stories to share with you.


It was fun to do the podcast but we recorded it at the library which closed due to Covid. I did some recordings at home and that went well. However, in the long run it takes quite a bit of time away from my writing between the planning, recording, cleaning up the recording, and marketing it.

In the long run, I decided not to continue it and instead focus on writing.

I apologize for my quite lengthy absence. That went on far longer than I had intended but I’ve been very productive writing new material to entertain you so I hope you forgive me.

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