Are writers really fueled by coffee and coffee shops?

This fantasy author interview with Candy Glynn Wilder wraps up season 2 of Book Wordy. Season 3 will begin in mid January/

Apologies needed about the schedule of the Book Wordy podcast. If you follow me on social media you may have seen that I got sick around Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, I came down with a cold that hung around for three weeks. It impacted my voice and for a few days I had laryngitis so not something useful when you have a podcast!

I also had a podcast “in the can” so to speak that got wiped when we tried to copy it over to the flashdrive. ARGH.

This interview with diehard Star Wars fan and fantasy writer, Candy Glynn Wilder, wraps up season 2 of Book Wordy. Find Candy at Instagram and Facebook.



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Season 3 will begin in mid-January and return to its regular bi-monthly schedule. Season 3 will feature myself and partner, Miles, discussing creatures of legend and lore and how they are used in fantasy stories such as those in my College Fae series.

The Book Wordy podcast publishes bi-monthly and is about 30 minutes in length, give or take 10 minutes. Find all the episodes on the Podcast page.

Episode Rating: does include some language. 14+ recommended.

P.S. New to podcasts? You can listen at my website by just pushing a button! You can also find Book Wordy on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Stitcher.

If you have an Android phone, listen via the RSS (just download a podcast player from Google play) and if using an iphone a podcast player is built into your phone via itunes.

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