Each week, I try to post my current reads. My reading will continue to slow through December. I have family coming home for the holidays, and always take a long break with spouse.

At the end of the year, I will highlight a round up of Indie books that I thought are on par with traditionally published books in terms of quality. Stay tuned!

The Every Stone by E.A. Sandrose, a 5 star fantasy book.

The Every Stone by E.A. Sandrose

On Precios, gemstones can cure everything from heartache to heartburn—unless you’re one of the children doomed to Devil’s Crown to mine them.

All Yrund wants is to get back to her beloved home in the Sky Country, but escaping the powerful Mining Wield will take more than just courage. Especially when Yrund accidentally steals the only living stone found in centuries.

One of my favorite reads in 2019! What an amazing debut book! This is an in-depth high fantasy world (that has some SF crossover) that I just wanted to read all night long. It’s well thought out and unusual. The characters come across as real people.

Unlike some high fantasy books, you sink effortlessly into this world. It’s logical with enough similarity to our own world that you can understand what is happening but has unique attributes that make for interesting reading.

The best thing though about The Every Stone is how much you just love the characters! They read like real people and real encounters. This book is a gem.

Acension by David Combs a modern witch fantasy 4 stars

Acension: the Witches of Pioneer Vale book 1

Angelica Brighton is a typical 21st Century High School senior – until the arrival of a mysterious letter turns her world upside down, unveiling a destiny that leads her into the ancient heart of the nearby forest and face to face with the local urban legend of her sleepy New England town.

Not my usual type of read but it is extremely well written story of a teenager who, because of her family, becomes united with a local legend. The plot has a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer feel.

This book will appeal to teens looking for their next coven and witchy fix. While the first in series, this one can be read as a standalone although there is an over-reaching story arch.

King of Time by Sky Sommers

A year after her best friend Harry died Lila has changed everything about herself – her name, residence and even religion. Grappling with writer’s block she wishes for more time and…gets a hot dude who claims he IS Time, ready to help track down her long-lost imagination.

I really liked Sommer’s other book Thumbelina, and this one has a lot of the same breezy interaction, magical quest feeling. I think this book could have done with more time and some polishing. Those who loved Brigit Jones Diary or wants that rom-com jousting of words will enjoy this book.

My policies about reviews –

I review what I want. You are welcome to submit to me via my email contact but this puts me under no obligation to actually read or review your book.

If I review, I usually do it on Amazon. I do not use my author name on those reviews. I do not receive compensation for those reviews and they are honest feedback.

If I have to pay full price for your book (and no I’m not on Kindle Unlimited), than your book better REALLY interest me.

I can’t promise a time frame in reviewing your book. If I don’t get to it in 30 days of you asking, your book sample didn’t grab me. If your book has a jumbled plot, poor writing, typos etc.. it goes to the DNF pile. I don’t have time to waste and I don’t make apologies for that.

I go a little easier on Indie books over traditionally published books. But don’t think for one minute you are going to score a great review by me. If I can give an Indie 4-5 stars HONESTLY, I will do so. If it will be 3 stars or less I will not post my review unless you really piss me off.

I do give 1-2-3 star reviews if a book pisses me off. If your book infuriates me because it has a stupid heroine, a stupid plot, or is illogical, or you “trigger” some of my hot buttons (women being idiots, heroes being assholes – and especially includes werewolves and vampires, racism, sexism, homophobic themes without any social awareness), yeah expect a not-so-good review.

Genres that don’t interest me – Werewolves, Vampires, Paranormal Romance, Mary Sue teens (male or female) that come into magic and are going to save the world (eye roll), Dystopian rip offs of Mockingbird (not a fan of Dystopian in general), magic college series ripping off Harry Potter, and vampire love stories that rip off Twilight (vampires and werewolves are overdone). Erotica (yawn).

So don’t bother me by submitting to me unless I’m your audience.

Okay, are we all on the same page?

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