Stop begging for book reviews!

One of the things that truly irritates me is the constant begging for reviews. If I, as a fellow author, is sick of seeing it, can you imagine what your readers must feel?

I follow a lot of authors on Instagram and Facebook. One of the things that truly irritates me is the constant begging for reviews. If I, as a fellow author, is sick of seeing it, can you imagine what your readers must feel?

Yes, there are better ways to get reviews than posting about it non-stop on your social media. Here are some ideas:

1.) Build a Street Team of people who love your book and would be happy to review because they are excited about what you are writing.

2.) Ask your Beta and Arc readers to post a review. You’ve formed a relationship with you and hopefully will carry through because they want to see you succeed.

3.) Sign up for some websites that will promote you to bloggers and reviewers. I’m trying some of those sites now and get mixed results. If you write romance, I think you’ll have better luck than I.

4.) Do giveaways on your social media and through certain websites or through a blog tour (this is where others with websites will promote your book). Realize though that giving away your book does not mean you will get a review. It just increases your chances.

5.) Make it easy for people to leave a review by going “wide.” Some people don’t like Amazon and won’t post a review there so make sure you are on Goodreads and Bookbubs, and possibly other places like Apple books, Google play, Kobo, Scribd, etc…

6.) At the back of your book in Author Notes, ask nicely for a review.

7.) Sell more books. The more books you sell the better your chance for a review.

8.) Show your readers how reviews help, rather than asking again for another review.

Okay, now you got some reviews and you are hunting down anyone who didn’t leave 5 stars and demanding to know why you didn’t give five stars??!!


This is the reason I have stopped advertising that I do book reviews (under another name, not my author name).

I don’t give 5 stars because you are a fellow author. I give it because I truly think the book is good.

Writing is a business and I can guarantee you that at some point you will be getting less than 5 stars. The more your book gets seen, means the higher the chance of this happening.

If you are the type to get angry when your book doesn’t get 5 stars, you have no business asking for reviews. You actually have no business being an author. PERIOD.

Also, people are growing wise to these perfect 5 star reviews and are starting to distrust those perfect ratings. A book with a few lower ratings, looks like a real book instead of one propped up by your friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Stop begging for book reviews!

    1. If there are problems that I think they can easily fix, I let them know privately in DM. Some have taken that nicely, while others have gotten angry that I dared give a bit of help (and this is a fine line as some authors don’t want corrections and I completely get that).

      If I can’t leave 4 or 5 stars and it is an author I know or follow, I don’t leave the review. But I have left lower rankings for others and this is something Amazon looks at when they judge if your reviews are honest or not (all 5 star reviews is a tip off to Amazon).

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