Audio book giveaway for Wicked Wolves of Windsor

BIG NEWS. An audio book giveaway for Wicked Wolves!


The audio book for The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales is published and available on several different platforms!

And I’m giving away a limited number of them for FREE!!
Due to how the codes work this is for US, Australia and Canada ONLY.

YOU CAN RECEIVE A FREE AUDIO BOOK! Here’s the deal on how to get one:

1.) You agree to share a post about the audiobook on your social media platform between the dates of November 19th – 26th.

2.) You agree to provide HONEST FEEDBACK. These platforms will accept a review without purchase – just note in your review that you received a promotional gift copy and that it did not influence your review:

APPLE BOOKS (via itunes)



Google Play (audio books)

Go to this form to request an audio book! These are limited and will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

BTW if you would prefer to buy a copy, it is discounted on Audible books, and is available on other platforms (see the complete list here – Scribd gives a free copy if you sign up).

Voice narrator and actress Corinne Davies did such an outstanding job!

This was my first audio book and boy, I did not know what I was getting into; I’m not sure Corinne did either but she was a trooper through it all!

So what I’m talking about is Wicked Wolves has 6 separate stories. Each story takes place in different times and locales (some just a fantasy) and all have unique characters. There are foreign words with a smattering of Gaelic, French, and Spanish.

Probably the hardest story was Granny Starseed as there is like 10 characters with speaking parts! Each character had to sound unique.

Wow! Like I wrote, I learned a lot and just how complicated this process is. I really appreciated Corinne sticking with me and working so hard. The final audio book is AMAZING!

I love to reward your support!

Remember, the ebook of Never Date a Siren is now available for a special pre-purchase price of 99 cents – and the Knight of Cups short story is also available at Amazon for 99 cents!

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