Author Jinn Nelson joins us on Book Wordy to discuss world-building 7 different universes all in one book and her love of coffee.

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Mentioned in this podcast:

Morning Pages by Julia Cameron – an exercise to keep your mind fresh and ready to create.

Self publishing/Independent publishing – an individual bears the entire development and promotion of their book. IMO the two an author should use would be the Print on Demand options provided by Amazon and Ingram Spark if you are looking for widespread distribution.

Small press publishing houses – I define this mostly by how large the staff is and the overall income of the company. Beware though – some vanity press companies are masquerading as a small press. To tell the difference know that a small press has a selection process, lets you retain your rights, but takes a percentage of the profits from book sales.

Amazon – KDP Print on Demand, self-publishing

Ingram Spark – Print on Demand, self-publishing

Vanity press – those which charge significant sum to the author for publishing your book (they also often retain ownership).



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⦿ Traveler

The barista finished the drink and with a victorious flourish set it before the blue-haired girl.
“Just in time. Thanks,” the girl said insincerely. She stood and gathered her papers.
“No, I meant you don’t have any more time,” said the man. “The world ends in—” he glanced at his watch again “forty-eight seconds.”

Trapped in a cafe that travels to seven dimensions on an infinite loop, Jaz Contra serves coffee while trying to locate the mysterious white-haired man who put her there.

When a young shapechanger named Bracken–whose search for his missing aunt leads him to this very cafe–stows away in her basement, Jaz must help him survive until he can return to his own world.

Through a series of bizarre encounters with talking tigers, polymorphs, alchemists, thieves and the occasional grim reaper, Bracken’s efforts to locate his aunt create daily chaos, threatening Jaz’s chances of ever escaping–not to mention the stability of seven universes.

⦿ Fear the Hunted

Her memory is blank. Her name is not her own.

Found in a field, covered in bleeding lash marks, Troy of Cathylon searches for a new life.

Taken in by outlawed scholars, trained in a city hidden beneath desert sands, she masters the lore of a supernatural stone and joins an uprising that could overturn the present regime.

Hunted for her knowledge, and a book containing the scholars’ secrets, every move she makes just brings her enemies closer–a zealous king, traitorous warriors, and a ruthless commander–enemies who recognize her from her past. Enemies who hold the answers to it.

Their first encounter erased her memory. Their second will end her life.

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