Douglas S. Pierce, podcast interview 2019

Author Douglas S. Pierce joins us on Book Wordy today to discuss the art of writing high fantasy.

Author Douglas S. Pierce joins us on Book Wordy today to discuss the art of writing high fantasy.

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⦿ The Hunted Maiden

“Return this kindness by giving the gift of music to someone else in their time of need.”

Mouse—a fugitive and former stowaway—dreams of becoming a musician. By following the melody of his heart, he hopes to escape the grueling work and harsh punishments doled out aboard the Hunter’s Ghost. Gifted a flute by an enigmatic man, he finds himself closer than ever to achieving his goal. Yet to his surprise, it’s not freedom the music leads him to but a strange Fae prisoner. She alone is the sole being he’s ever encountered without a personal song.

“The Enemy comes for you, child. A foe like no other.”

Those dark words spoken by an ancient seer haunt aerialist and animal trainer Seldy’s every waking thought. When dangerous strangers kidnap her in the midst of a deadly Fae storm, she fears this malicious threat is coming to pass. Now, her survival depends on escaping from the ship she’s being held on, and finding a way back home before the shadowy being—known only as the Enemy—comes for her.

Forced together by their intertwining fates, Mouse and Seldy embark on a quest to uncover the secrets of Seldy’s past. Can they arm themselves with her precious truth in time to fight the dark forces eager to claim and corrupt her?

⦿ The Seedling’s Song

“The Songbrother’s blood is turning sour…and the ancient one is dying.”

Cast adrift over her shattered world on a small rescue skiff, Seldy must find it in herself to help those who risked everything to save her. Taking solace in the death of the Enemy, she focuses on her quest for her song, knowing it could be their only hope for salvation.

Poisoned and trapped in a hellish nightmare, Mouse must fight to escape his own mind. Only then can he help Seldy embrace who she was truly meant to be.

But evil doesn’t die as easily as they hoped. A storm is brewing—whipping and churning with malevolent intent. It lurks in the shadows, laying in wait for the perfect moment to strike.

Can Seldy find a way to harness the power within her? Or will the looming darkness find a way to twist it to their own devilish delight?

Fans of epic fantasy will be whisked away on a journey of unconditional love and selfless sacrifice in The Seedling’s Song.

The Book Wordy podcast publishes bi-monthly and is about 30 minutes in length, give or take 10 minutes. Find all the episodes on the Podcast page.

Episode Rating: does include some language. 14+ recommended.

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