Charlotte Zang, horror writer is our guest today on the Book Wordy Podcast

Author Charlotte Zang joins us on Book Wordy today to discuss her craft, writing horror books, and how she develops her characters.

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⦿ Consuming Beauty

Sometimes the past is meant to stay hidden, tucked away in places that are rarely seen. And sometimes the past comes back no matter how far you run. Elodine is a young woman uncovering the truth of her father’s past. Struck with grief at his untimely death, she escapes to a world kept hidden from her. As she tumbles into this world of desire, madness and fear she finds herself drawn to the seductive and otherworldly Phelan.

But in a place where dreams and realities meet, where men become beasts and all is not as it seems, Elodine will find herself struggling to survive.

For her heart is a fragile thing eager to love. But a beast is a hard thing to temper.

Consuming Beauty is a dark and harrowing re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. If you like gothic ghost stories and twisted fairy tales, you’ll love this novella by Charlotte Zang.

⦿ Blooding

Are the brutal and disturbing murders rocking the quaint college town of Thetford that of a deranged killer? Or has something more sinister returned from the past?

Art student Jules finds herself in the thick of the mystery after a string of increasingly odd occurrences. She receives a mysterious business card with only a symbol and a phone number from a crippled old man in a dark alley, finds herself dragged to a prestigious dinner party that takes a shockingly dark turn and then sees what she believes to be a lurking creature roaming the streets.

As the mutilated bodies pile up, Jules decides to follow in the footsteps of her estranged, journalist father by diving head first into investigating the horrid events plaguing the seemingly peaceful town. What she begins to uncover is beyond anything her mind could have imagined.

In the end, will she be able to hold true to herself or give in to the power and the secrets of Thetford?

⦿ Satan’s in your Kitchen

A century old bargain. A humble carpenter. A successful artist…and Satan. All the essential ingredients for a modern romantic comedy.In an ordinary town, in an ordinary house, lives Lysander, a not so ordinary young artist whose views on the world around her are just a bit…strange.

Strange enough that she finds herself in a friendship with Satan and dealing with the comings and goings of demons, all visiting through an ancient doorway in her basement, to be no cause for concern. Lucifer’s intentions reach far beyond friendship though. As do those of Aidan, her hardworking carpenter and loyal friend. The only difference is, one is the Prince of Darkness and will stoop to whatever depths necessary to gain her love, while the other has nothing but good intent and morals, and would traverse the depths of Hell to find his love and bring her back to the surface without looking back.

Amidst the peril of this devil of an un-requited love triangle, we find Gluttony, a deceptively cute man-eating demon, an Incubus as members of a rock band, a Succubus and the Devil himself attending a bachelor party, along with an over abundance of lust.

So the question is: can a mere man ever compare to the Lord of the Underworld?Satan’s In Your Kitchen is the first book in a fantastical romantic comedy series that features demons, angels, and plenty of shenanigans between them and the humans of earth

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Episode Rating: does include some language. 14+ recommended.

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