New goodies for Wicked Wolves

Some BIG NEWS. There is a new cover for the print edition of The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales.

Some BIG NEWS. There is a new cover for the print edition of The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales.

If you have bought the first edition with the original cover and would like the edition with the new cover I will provide you a FREE copy. The only requirement for this offer is you must email me a request with your full mailing address AND a photo of you holding the original print book.

If you would like a copy of the book with the original cover I have a limited number of these. Whether you have bought the book before or not, I am willing to send these out, first come, first served.

There will be no cost for the book but I do request you cover me for shipping. When emailing me a request be sure to include your full mailing address so I can calculate postal costs.

If you are a Street Team Member, there is a special offer I’m emailing out to you today! Check your email. 😉

Why the change?

The first cover was a rush job and unfortunately, while the art looked good on the ebook version, once printed there was a bit of fuzziness around the edges of the wolf figure. Since the artist didn’t reply to my emails for this to be corrected, I found a new book cover artist that I’m very pleased with!

Natalie at Original Book Covers designed this new cover for Wicked Wolves and has done two more books: Never Date a Siren and A Study in Spirits. All three covers has blown my socks off!

Her work is spectacular and I can’t wait to unveil the cover for Never Date a Siren for you in the next few weeks.

Oh and BTW there is MORE NEW STUFF coming about Wicked Wolves.

Book Review Special:

If you are a book reviewer or book promoter on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or Facebook, you have the opportunity to receive a FREE special book promo package from me for The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales.

  • An autographed print copy of Wicked Wolves for your use
    OR audio book;
  • An autographed print copy of Wicked Wolves for a giveaway;
  • Scented “bookish” candle set (4 oz and 2 oz);
  • and Bookmarks with a character from each one of the stories.

If interested in the above, FREE OFFER contact me through this Book Review form so I can review your social media presence. I’m awaiting merchandise to arrive so mail out date would be in October.

The Queen’s Favorite, Book Club Special:

Feeling the rough scaliness of his hand, the queen could only whisper, “The witch lies, sire. Who knows what mischief she wanted to cause between us?”

Queen Elaine and her talking horse must find the courage to speak truth to free themselves from the clutches of a monster. An empowering, healing story set in a medieval landscape.

The Queen’s Favorite, one of the best-loved stories from Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales, will soon be available as a packaged special – for Book Clubs and women’s retreats (i.e. Red Tent retreats, The Red Hat Society, women empowerment groups, and other get-togethers for women).

This short story can easily be read in a day and explores the theme of claiming your own personal power and wisdom. This story is “clean,” meaning no curse words or explicit romantic encounters. There is one very short scene of domestic violence.

  • Individual Chapbooks for each member. A chapbook is a small paper covered book. It includes a full-color cover, The Queen’s Favorite short story, with the story’s discussion questions and historical glossary in the back.

    These will be ordered in the quantity needed for your members (minimum order is 4).
  • Educational workbook guide for the mediator/leader of the group. Suggestions on how you can use the materials for your group.
  • DVD Book Trailer to set the mood.
  • Audio Book CD with The Queen’s Favorite. Perfect for listening to as individuals or a group. While your group is crafting, knitting, or cooking, all can listen.

Book candle sets will be available to buyers of this special with a discounted price if bought in a set of 8.

This Book Club Special is coming in October. If interested in knowing when it is ready, just join the reader mailing list on this website (if on mobile it is located at the bottom, if on computer look to the right).

audio book cover

Special Edition of The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales will soon be available here on my website. Includes:

  • Autographed print copy of Wicked Wolves;
  • ebook edition of Wicked Wolves
  • audio edition of Wicked Wolves
  • A downloadable zip file of all the resource material related to Wicked Wolves such as my Book Wordy podcasts that cover the stories in the book and a pdf with discussion questions.
  • Candle sets with a bookish theme as a perfect complement.
  • A set of bookmarks that match feature many of the characters and quotes from the stories in the book.

The Special Edition Box will be coming in October. Just in time for you to get your spook on!

Your support is so special to me. I hope you love the new cover as much as I do and that these new ways to enjoy the stories is as exciting to you as they are to me.

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