Beta Readers needed for Never Date a Siren

The Beta draft of my novella, Never Date a Siren is now completed! I’m looking for readers who can review and give me feedback.

The Beta draft of my novella, Never Date a Siren is almost ready to go! I’m looking for readers who can review and provide feedback.

What is this book about?

When Logan O’Dannon attends college in Bewachterberg his life becomes complicated. Falling in a love with a siren is a death sentence that he hadn’t signed up for.

You might recognize the character of Logan from the short story Granny Starseed in The Wicked Wolves of Windsor. In that story he was a young child but in Never Date a Siren he’s college-aged.

Who will be interested in this story?

Beta Readers who enjoy contemporary fantasy with a bit of humor and a well-developed alternative world will like this story best.

There are minority characters and the story is set on an international stage with characters from Germany, France, Scotland, and the Perilous Realm (the land of the fae).

If you’ve been following me on Instagram or my Facebook page I’ve been sharing some of the fae characters that will be present in this book such as Jib (the puca True Beast cat), Paul the doppelganger, and Sibyl, a siren and Beguiler.

As a Beta Reader what will you be doing?

I’m trying something new this time around which I think will make it simpler.

Since the process of downloading the story seems confusing to Beta Readers, I’m using an online software app to streamline and simplify the process.

You will log-in (full directions will be sent out on how to get started)via computer, tablet, OR phone. You can read, and critique online in a method that is instantly shared with me.

Be aware I will also know if you finish the book or not (not to be a spy, I just need to know so I can find the best beta readers possible for my future works).

Some quick points about being a Beta Reader:

  • The first half of Never Date a Siren is now available, and you can start reading now. The last half of the book should be up by September 10th or earlier.
  • It is a novella and comes in at about 40,000 words, about the size of the entire Wicked Wolves of Windsor book.
  • I will need your feedback completed no later then September 22nd. That’s a quick turnaround but the book is not big. Because I have an October deadline I’m working against the clock so to speak.
  • Once I start collecting comments I will re-edit where I think necessary and it will go off to my editor.
  • All beta readers will receive an official ebook copy of the novella when it goes live on Amazon in October.

    You will also receive a 2 oz. candle of I Put a Spell on You (note this is the 2 oz version and is a smaller size then the one she offers on her website) and a Jib (True Beast Cat) bookmark!

    These are in the process of being ordered so your set should come by mid-October.
  • There will no hard copy of this novella until the 2nd novella is completed. Book #1 and Book #2 in this series will be packaged together into one print book. If you are a beta reader for both novellas you will receive the print book edition.
  • Never Data a Siren does NOT end on a cliffhanger although it is part of a series.
  • You do not need to be familiar with the Granny Starseed story to enjoy this story.

UPDATED – Beta Readers are now in place and providing feedback. Thank you so much! As volunteers I just truly appreciate your help.

3 thoughts on “Beta Readers needed for Never Date a Siren

  1. Hello! Sorry if this is the second message you recieve from me, but I wasn’t sure if the first one actually sent. I’m interested in becoming a Beta reader for your novella, “Never Date a Siren”. I run a writing tips account on instagram called @the_red_notebook_ and I have edited for two authors. I’m not familiar with the role of a beta reader, but I am familiar with helping out fellow writers and authors. Thank you! Have a nice day.


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