This week has been hectic but now it’s time to wind down and take some me-time. I’ve started reading a book the last hour before bedtime just because I need to unplug from the phone, my computer, and yes even television.

David Bowie fans check this one out. 4 stars

The Woman who Fell to Earth by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley. Fun, quick read with a lot of Brit humor to it at this point. This is a wild rock-n-roll ride that is so bittersweet.

A little bit of fantasy, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of Ziggy Stardust, The Woman Who Fell To Earth is a fun adventure, full of colorful, unforgettable characters, mystery and suspense. It’s a joyride down the rabbit hole for new or longtime David Bowie fans or for anyone who has ever felt alone.

romance with magic, 4 stars. Could have been a bit better with some tweaks

Masque by W.R. Gingell

Almost, but not quite perfect read for me. Clever, witty, and interesting hero-heroine dynamic. If you like your romance to have fun dialogue this book will interest you. Where the book failed to enchant though was the heroine was too stubborn (why didn’t she just share info with the hero? so they could prevent more people from dying?) and the Beauty/Beast theme was really irrelevant to the story and seemed like an add-on.

Lady Isabella Farrah didn’t expect a proposal from a masked man at the Annual Ambassadorial Ball—nor did she expect a murder.


Maids of Misfortune by M. Louisa Locke

I hated this book with the power of 1000 suns. DNF. Historically inaccurate, over-the-top militant female character who I had no sympathy for, and a racist scene of blackface (with no context) in chapter 1.

⁠What will you be reading this weekend?

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