Reaching readers through Pinterest boards

I’m re-booting my Pinterest boards that I started with my Etsy account and that are now under my Byrd Nash name.

I’m re-booting my Pinterest boards that I started with my Etsy account and that are now under my Byrd Nash name. Find me here.

I’ll be continuing many of my witchy boards like: Enchanted Forest, Moon Magick, Magickal Cats, Magickal Canines, Tarot Cards, Magickal Home, and Tarot Cards. While adding some new – book and writing centric boards. Some of them can be shared with others so read on!

A new book quote teaser on Pinterest
for Wicked Wolves

Here are some of my shared Pinterest boards. If you are interested in joining, drop me an email:

Book and Author Quotes – quote yourself and your books AND post other well-known quotes. My only request is that before pinning a quote please doublecheck that it is accurate! So many of these things are just made up!

Podcasts about Books and Writing – Whether you have your own podcast or just want to find new things to listen to, check this out!

Audio Book Favorites – I’ll be pinning my own choices right here and showcasing some of my own.

Book and Writing Humor – Just a place to share and laugh over this idea we can be a writer.

A new podcast teaser on Pinterest
for Wicked Wolves

Here are some thoughts on using Pinterest for your books and writing:

⦿ Use quotes from your book or reviews to promote your book.

⦿ Use it to market your blog posts, projects, characters, and book cover reveals.

⦿ Realize you need to do more then just post buy-me pins. Re-pin other pins that would speak to your Ideal Reader. Are you a fantasy writer? Start a board on dragons.

⦿ Pins have a long life. I still get traffic to my home remodel blog from pins I put up 10 years ago! So no joke! That’s the great thing about Pinterest – it simply acts as a search engine.

⦿ Humor, jokes, and memes, are popular.

⦿ Quotes are popular. But please make sure the quote is a real one! So many of them are fake.

⦿ Images that use numbers in the title are popular (10 ways to get published, 20 of the best books to read this summer).

⦿ Give your image a clear CTA (call-to-action). What do they do with it? Read, buy, listen, make, enjoy?

⦿ If you join boards with others you still get traffic but don’t have to pin as often. It’s also a great place to find like-minded folks and gain followers.

⦿ A favorite attention getting size is 300×800 pixels as I’ve shown in this blog post.

Make your image interesting with a CTA

Come check me out! If you’re on Pinterest just comment below on your own boards and I’ll come by and visit.

P.S. This is part of me re-doing my social media. I need to get it in shape so I have time to write but also have an outreach. You can find me also at:


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