This is a book review Burned to a Crisp: A Gingerbread Hag Mystery by K.A. Miltimore.

Hedy Leckermaul owns a bakery renowned for its strange, sugary confections. However, all is not as it seems as she plays host to mysterious visitors, one of which may be dangerous to the inhabitants of sleepy Enumclaw, Washington.

This cozy paranormal mystery goes down a treat!

While Hedy operates a bakery (with some unusual, mouthwatering offerings) her real business is managing a waystation, similar to an AirBnB for unusual beings passing through the area of Washington state.

However, when salamander, Bren, shows up is it a coincidence that mysterious fires also start occurring in town?

The arrival of undine Anahita just complicates things further especially when the mutual attraction between her and Mel heats up. Add in a talking cat, hedgehog, and a ghost and you have me wrapped around your finger like a pretzel.

While this theme might seem familiar to fans of the paranormal reads, where I think this book steps outside of the genre and offers something new is it reads much like a cozy mystery rather than a shapeshifter paranormal story.

Cozy is definitely the word I would use to describe this first book in a series and it has a slow burn feeling as the mystery unfolds.

Because I like to read English cozy mysteries from time to time, and I also like to read fantasies, this book was the perfect blend for me. It was something easy and fun for me to read yet still provided that emotional depth I require in order to stay captivated.

Militmore has added enough background and mystery to her main character Hedy that there is a rich field from which to grow more books. With the B&B theme this also provides a revolving cast of characters who can drive different stories so I’m looking forward to a lot of variety – I hope the town of Enumclaw doesn’t suffer too much! LOL

The regulars will be including some of my favorites such as the chinchilla Maurice. I’d love to see more of the relationship between grumpy old Maurice and Zelda the tabby cat.

Overall, I’d like to read more about the emotional journey of the characters. At times I felt like there was too much going on, too many side plots and not enough about Hedy, Maurice, Zelda, and the ghost.

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  1. I live in sleepy little Enumclaw, and after reading the book, I find myself at the local farmers market and/or Sundays on Cole looking at unfamiliar faces and wondering if they are “travelers”. I’ve imagined a couple different houses that could easily be the waystations, etc… Looking forward to reading the 2nd installment of the series!

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