Classic Fairytale themes, podcast

The real reason why guys end up getting distracted on fairytale quests.

Have you helped a disguised witch or fairy recently? Wondering what to do with your snuffbox filled with jewels or invisibility cloak? We explore the common themes found in fairytales around the world in Book Wordy podcast #2.



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Episode Rating: does include some mild language. 14+ recommended.

Fairytale collections that might interest you:

⦿ Italian Fairytales by Italo Calvino – blow your mind by reading these classics. You’ll forget Disney.

⦿ There is a whole series of Fairy tale books by Andrew Lang with the books having color names (Blue Fairy, Green Fairy, etc..).

The Book Wordy podcast publishes weekly and is about 30 minutes in length, give or take 10 minutes. See all the episodes right here on the Podcast page.

P.S. New to podcasts? You can listen right at my website by just pushing a button! You can also find Book Wordy on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and Stitcher.

If you have an Android phone, listen via the RSS (just download a podcast player from Google play) and if using an iphone a podcast player is built into your phone via itunes.

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