Connect with me!

I have two different ways you can connect with me – as a reader or as a writer (or heck, do both).

I have two different ways you can connect with me – as a reader or as a writer (or heck, do both).

When you subscribe do not expect to get inundated with emails. The most you’ll get is once a week, and twice a month is more likely. But you will know when I post a new blog!

While I do want to keep you abreast as to what I’m up too, as well as special offers, I’m not into this daily spam that big companies do (please, Bed and Bath stop with the twice a day emails!).

As a reader – you will get notified of new blog posts, new books or free stories I’m offering. Exclusive join-ins will be given to subscribed readers (i.e. sales, giveaways, promotional gift cards, promo gift book boxes, etc…).

I appreciate you all so much you don’t even know! LOL

If you are a writer/author who wants to network, I have some exclusive information about marketing your book as well as some other opportunities.

To be clear I am not new to marketing. I have a degree in journalism, have worked for newspapers and the State of Oklahoma (in public relations), networked with television and radio, written press releases, done photography (back in a darkroom – imagine!), and have been self employed for about 20 years.

Yeah, so no newbie here.

However, the area of publishing is new to me and I’m learning a lot! I’d like to share it with you and share what is working for you and what isn’t. Indie authors need this so we can raise our selling awareness and be better business people.

To connect with me look to the right of this blog post (if on a computer) and see the sign up buttons. If on a mobile, look in the drop down menu box and choose exclusive content for readers OR writers (or both!).

You can also find me on various social media platforms:




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