Main Street Witches, series book review

This is a group review for four of the installments of the Main Street Witches books by Ari Gonzalez.

Come for the friendship; be satisfied with a warm and satisfying romance; and keep reading for the dark and dangerous curses and magic.

Byrd Nash Review

Here Comes the Witch

This is fun, lighthearted romp of a book that mixes a town full of ghosts, cryptids, aliens, and everything New Age with open, friendly, and quirky people that you would love to have as neighbors.

Banshee Creek’s tourism campaign is silly and funny. Overall, expect a lighthearted, quick read with a kindhearted ribbing which parodies Salem and Roswell (or other ghost-haunted, witch and monster locale).

What kept me reading though was the actual hauntings and magic as this feels authentic as if the book is written by a practicing Wiccan who knows what it feels like to cast a circle.

Fortune Favors the Witch

This return to Banshee Creek gives you everything you want: more of the wonderful people, the strange happenings, and an enjoyable and satisfying romance for our new fortune teller. 

Once again, the Tarot and astrology feels genuine and grounded, drawing you into Luanne’s personal fears and struggles.

Some Like It Witchy

More of the wonderful Banshee Creek mix of silliness, danger, warmth, and romance.  It is a delight to visit again with old friends, and meet someone new who has their own unique gifts and struggles. 

The description of the rivalries and resentments that simmer under the surface of a visiting coven will ring true for anyone who has ever had to work with a club or on a group project!

A Very Merry Witchmas

What could be more innocent than a cookie baking contest? Knowing Banshee Creek, it is not surprising that there are dark currents and omens mixed with the fun and sprinkles. 

We learn more about the hidden secrets of Banshee Creek, as old friends and new work together to save lives, and try not to burn the cookies in the process.


The above reviews were written by my partner who read the series and really enjoyed them. I started the first book and put it aside as it was not my thing (farcical, light reads just make me roll my eyes).

Consider this Chick-lit, Beach-read material, and light reads for when you don’t want to think too much. You’ll also need a sense of humor about the New Age witch paranormal community in order to enjoy these.

From a marketing standpoint though I’d like to point out how clever this series is: bright, graphic covers that make easy thumbnail images for online marketing, easy theme for readers to understand, and short quick romantic reads that hitch their star on the latest New Age witch-paranormal wave. A+ for the author being smart.

If you are interested in knowing how to write and be seen you might want to check these out just for the marketing savvy alone.

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