In addition to being a writer, I love visuals. I often see big scenes in my stories first as a scene from a movie or play. There is action, movement, background, etc… I have gone as far as adding background music in my mind though! LOL Perhaps that is why I’m captivated with the idea of making book trailers!

My love for visuals though is why I decided to make some book trailers for Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales right from the very beginning. You can find me over at YouTube with my own channel. Here’s a link to the playlist for the Wicked Wolves stories.

YouTube channel for Byrd Nash with my book trailers and podcasts

What do you think dear reader? Do you like movie trailers to your books?

Byrd Nash, fantasy author uses mythology, legends, folklore, and fairy tales to create stories about strong female characters.
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