Instagram allows you to have one link on your profile and if you are a business you know how irritating that can be. I found a way that I could use Mailerlite (my newsletter software) to make a multiple link page like Linktree is doing.

Lately, Linktree has been gaining traction as a multiple link option. This is what it looks like:

example of Linktree
linktree gives you one link with multiple choices

Once you click on the link in the profile it takes you to a landing page with multiple choices. This makes it great for directing traffic to the right area of your website, other social media platforms, giveaways, books etc…

Linktree multiple links on Instagram
multiple choices show as various click through buttons

However, because I use Mailerlite, I was able to set this up as a landing page within that service.

Here is my profile area:

Byrd Nash Instagram profile
Find me at Instagram at Byrd_Nash

Once you click on my profile link you are brought to this landing page:

Using MailerLite to make multiple links on Instagram
multiple entry points can interest different audiences

Just a little something I thought I’d share with you.

Byrd Nash, fantasy author uses mythology, legends, folklore, and fairy tales to create stories about strong female characters.
blog posts review marketing software and services, and gives an insider view of my experiences of becoming a self-published author.

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