Now available in ebook, print book, and audio book! A short story anthology of fairytale re-tellings

It’s here! Can you believe it!?

Newsletter subscribers and beta readers should have received an email about how to redeem your reward for a free ebook of The Wicked Wolves and other Fairytales so be sure to check your inbox! If you don’t see it, check your spam folder or drop me a DM to make sure you are on the list.

The book is on sale for 99 cents (USD) at an introductory price but it will go up within 24 hours to $3.99 (USD). So now is a great time to buy it for yourself or a friend who loves fantasy and fairytales. Just drop by my website and scroll down for my latest blog for links!

Be sure to connect and follow me over at Amazon. You’ll receive an email when I post something new on their website. 

Here are some specific buy links by country:





If you need another country, just drop me a DM or email and I’ll get you set right up.

Your support is so special to me. A tremendous thank you to all of you!

Find out more about The Wicked Wolves of Windsor fairy tale retellings short story collection is now available in print, ebook, and audio

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